Plane to Sea At the Beach Aceo

Aceo Theme Challenge for July, "At the Beach"
I haven't been to the shore, the real Atlantic Ocean- wide, wild, and wonderful ocean for too many years. Fortunately, there are photos and memories to substitute as a touchstone.  

This is my aceo for  At the Beach Theme on The Aceo Challenge blog. Just for authenticity, I used some salt on the beach mixed with the paint.

When I thought about the crowds, heat, salty water, dunes, boardwalk, etc.  the small planes which flew over the water facing the banner towards the beach came to mind.  They flew many ads for restaurants.

Once in a while, a marriage proposal on a bright white cloth would be flapping in the wind off the rear of the plane.   I'd look around for the lucky lady, but she was nowhere to be seen.

Have you ever seen these planes flying over your vacation spot?

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