May 22, 2011

Sunday Straphanger Stonehenge

Big rocks set on a wide and open plain.  Doesn't sound too interesting, yet Stonehenge fascinates, perplexes, and endures.  Round and round we walked, circling the stone circles, getting a feeling for the size and scope of the mysterious rocks. 

It was a long drive from where we were staying in Wales, and we didn't stay long enough to suit me.  Another good memory from that day was the drive through Bath where first gear in the rented car finally gave out in the middle of a lighted intersection and people came to give us a push. 

The man kept telling me to put the car in reverse, unfortunately, that wasn't a working gear either.  We hadn't even made it halfway there, and the car was going to be a problem all day long.  I just couldn't park anywhere I had to back out (this idea has stayed with me for some reason) and I had to go a bit faster on the gas, since this was a manual transmission with no first gear.  Fun memories!

We did find a side street with parking tailor made for the car and happened upon a sweet cafe.  I had the fruit pie of the day and it was delicious.    When we finally  returned to Wales and to the car rental place, the man who rented us the car admitted that the car had been having problems.  Well, now he really knew it had problems, I was so tired I couldn't be mad and didn't want it to spoil my trek through the hills, over the river, and on to Stonehenge.

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