April 24, 2011

Sunday Straphanger Wales


This is the second in a series of, "Sunday Straphangers."  Sharing some photos of travels this week, Wales, South Wales, Great Britain. 

The view from my uncle's second floor bedroom I was staying in.  He was a gifted and industrious gardener.  He grew vegetables and kept a chicken or two to supply eggs, although I did have a little surprise when I discovered our dinner was the hen who no longer was laying eggs! 

In my uncle's big freezer he stored up some of his harvest as well as he donated some of the surplus or gave some just because.  Every bit of garden was used, no wasted space for him.  The yard on the right of the photo was the neighbor's yard, which my uncle lamented over since they did not use it to grow any vegetables or fruits and he would have loved to extend his crops to their yard!

I love the view of the hills and to the left, you could see the Bristol Channel shining in the sun (when it wasn't raining, lol.)

This photo was taken at the bus station.   If there was a double-decker available, I'd get on that and head upstairs.  Or, I'd wait for the next bus if it was going to be a double decker pulling in to the depot.  The white building is a pub, restaurant, and hotel.  Just above the emblem before the words, "National Welsh" on the bus, you can see the red shop sign for Woolworth, which, sadly is now closed.

There was something relaxing about riding the bus over leafy lanes, and holding my breath while the driver managed to turn tight corners and not take a piece of a stone cottage with him.

An old bridge with cut out windows for "dipping the sheep" into the river.  It wasn't done for fun or torture, it was part of the rhythm of a shepherd's job.

Won 11-7 !

Have a great Easter week!   Cadbury mini eggs here I come!


Clare said...

Your uncle's little piece of land looks like a slice of heaven. Beautiful documentation and a story that paints just as vibrant a picture. Thanks for sharing!

Sunshineshelle said...

Happy Easter to you too, I've already had Cadbury mini eggs & a black coffee today, hope you enjoy yours :)

Megan said...

Lovely thanks for sharing. your uncle's garden is a beautiful site!

aquariann said...

Happy Easter!! I'm doing some damage on Cadbury mini eggs, too. :D

What a wonderful view from your uncle's home. I really wish I enjoyed gardening, because growing my own vegetables would be great.

New End Studio said...

I don't know if it's the gardens or the jet stream, but the air there has a sweet quality, so refreshing.

So glad you enjoyed the photos and story, it's a chore to contain my enthusiasm!

Thanks for the great comments my uncle would have loved to know you said them!

Katherines Corner said...

What a lovely post. The photos are terrific. I hope you had a happy Easter celebration Hugs!