April 29, 2011

Secret Treasure Box Gift and Giveaway Win

It is with pleasure that I want to show you this amazing matchbox I won on a giveaway from Studio Tau:

It's painted with bright colors and birds and the matchbox is filled with shells, rocks, leaves, and bordered with buttons- all those little keepsakes and treasures we pick up along the way and save because they remind us of something or someone or they feel good or just because.  

Tau also sent me the serene moon sticker and the generous sun brooch.

Plus, if that was not enough, she has been too good to me, she also sent me the print of her Heart and Dissonance painting!

Finally, she also sent several Moo cards with her paintings on one side with discount codes for printing at Moo and the reverse side has her contact list.

I took 9 photos (macro setting and regular setting) plus 5 scans of the matchbox and I can not come up with a crisp, detailed image.  Tau, I wish I could have made this matchbox look on the monitor as wonderful as it looks in person, but the camera just wouldn't oblige.   Thank you, Studio Tau for the fabulous gifts!

Giving a nod to the blog which hosted the giveaway, thanks  Giveaway Blogdom  it's written by three friends, moms, and busy ladies.  Take a moment to visit it.


Sunshineshelle said...

How cool is this... you know I love hand made things, I didn't realise how much until I got a 'pasta' necklace made by my daughter Memphis when she was 3... I actually would wear it to the shops, she's 16 now, I still have the necklace, food doesn't really stand up to the time thing, but each time I see it I realise that mass produced things can never mean as much as a unique piece created by hands not a machine ;) I think your treasure box is priceless :) Have fun at the wedding!

New End Studio said...

Macaroni projects- what memories, my Mom kept my elbow macaroni "painting" and I found it after she passed. I wonder what she saw in it.

The W & C wedding went off without a hitch and the bride was beautiful and the groom was stunning in the red uniform! Pageantry, wonderful.

Tau said...

Yay! Thank you for such a wonderful post. :) Boy, my stuff sure is colorful all together like that!