Sunday Straphanger London

My intention is to start a regular Sunday post of travel photos, or photos of something that's caught my eye.  My boxes of photos are not in good order, so this feature will help me to organize, at least I hope it will.  Some advice, always write on the back where, when, and what the photo is about- I've got umpteen thatched cottages and castles, plus beaches and I am trying to label as I find them!    Hope you enjoy my little series.

Since the Royal Wedding is set for April 29, I thought I'd just show 3 photos from London.

Tower Bridge over the Thames River, taken from a bench on the grounds of the Tower of London.   I'm guessing that the view of the other side of the river has changed in the passing of years.
Two very amiable guards who gave us a bit of the history and myth of the Tower.   They pointed out the Executioner's stone, let us behind the ropes to get better photos where prisoners were kept, explained about the ravens and their clipped wings, and more.

This fat cat lived at Paddington Station, it was quite a while ago, and she had free run of the place.  Here she is in her place of repose, in the Ladies Room.   Her basket is all sparkly and garlanded, a crafty pink tissue paper and painted throne- and she seems to enjoy the attention.


Megan said...

One of my favorite cities! and Wyatt's middle name is London :) I like your sunday posting idea --Can't wait to see next sunday's post :)

New End Studio said...

Thanks Megan! He's such a darling boy, too! (I thought I might skip next week due to Easter, now I don't know...but after that there are some on the way...)