April Fools Taxes Mixed Media Collage Aceo

 So much focus on the budget in Congress and April 18th this year the IRS is expecting taxes to rain down into the government coffers.

A little collage ACEO depicting some of the news of the day.  Money, Taxes, and Who's Watching the Pot!

April, you sweet month of soft rains after cold and icy winds- why do you have to harbor economic worries so?
Rain down cherry blossom petals and not 1040s on mailboxes nationwide!

The year is less than 4 months old and you curse us with burdens of non-interest bearing accounts and low savings rates.  Gasoline is doubled in price, grocery packages have shrunken and prices have soared. 

Dear April, our youth was wasted in March while waiting for your warmth and show of budding branches.  April, you deceived us.  We hold our breath till May...no longer will we be your April Fools.

For fun my little aceo is entered in the Aceo Challenge for April.  I'd be thrilled to get your vote, check out the blog and vote from April 24th to April 30th.   The Aceo Challenge  Thanks!

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