Softly Softly on Cat's Paws

A neighbor's cat loves to walk across our yard and porch.  Most mornings we are asleep and don't know that the morning stroll has taken place.

During nicer weather when I am working among the plants and weeds in the early morning to avoid the sun, the cat will stop and look at me and then continue on its way.  It's a pretty white cat.

Finding the footprints this bitterly cold morning was a reminder that, yes, Spring will return and the cat moves on.


Honkus Grogana said...

I love it! We just had a big snow, too, and I did notice my kitty's footprints from where he made his daily journey to the neighbor's yard.

Megan said...

i'm ready for spring! We've been iced in for days now :(

BluMoon said...

Hi, thanks for visiting me, lucky for us the snow has all gone, snowdrops are out, the crocus are peeking through and there are buds showing pink on my early Camellia, but today as yesterday the sea and sky are grey and it has turned cold and windy brrr.

Micki said...

My kitty is an indoor cat, but it is funny to see the footprints like that. Great photograph!

missy k said...

Thank you for visit and your lovely comments.

I enjoyed your blog and your recipes!


sylvita said...

I love it! It doesn't snow here where I live, but this picture just reminds me how daintily cats walk. Such a delicate little photo.

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

The Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop became the coolest party on the block because of your participation :) Thank you!