Round One Results from the "Colossal Storm"

February 1 came in strong with the storm that is getting a lot of attention.  My dog, Lucy, is slipping and sliding on the ice which is encrusted ontop of the snow.  She's a bit frustrated, trying to find a spot and trying not to fall down.  It's very crunchy outside and I peeked out the front door to take this photo:

Hope to have a new photo on the other side of the storm, which will be in a day or two. 

I spent yesterday baking and doing laundry to prepare for a blackout.  I hope the electricity lines don't come down due to the ice which is supposed to accumulate later tonight.  Fingers crossed. 

I can guess what the Groundhog will say tomorrow.


Clare said...

oh my! stay warm in that mess! At least the baking is done :)

The Krafty Cupcake said...

What a lovely blog. I shall become a follower. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog. I do hope that the weather lifts soon. Sue x

tanglefrost said...

Aww hunnie, I do hope you had a warmer day today. its amazing how quickly the novelty of snow and ice wears off, however pretty it is!
I'm so pleased that my OWOH posting warmed your heart a bit though! Thank you so much for stopping by!
hugs Jo xxx

New End Studio said...

Thanks for the warm wishes...two rounds of ice, also rain and now snow. But, everyone is well and the electricity has stayed on! We were fortunate to make it through safely.

T and C Bakery said...

I hope your electricity doesn't go out, that's no fun, fingers crossed for you