Camera Test Shots and Newsyness

Monday evening, after a hard day of housecleaning, laundry, and cooking, I have put my feet up and am trying out my new camera.

Lucy is the subject and she does not like the camera, she won't sit still for her photo to be taken.  She's had a hard day, as well, she is all nice and fluffy after her bath and that is a workout for both of us.  Today, though, she was at the groomer for a pre-Christmas bath and nail clip.  I usually bathe her, but today she went to the groomers for a longer washing and nail clipping.  She's lovely and soft and smells just right.  That'll last for a few days.

(Update on Tuesday morning, during her walk, Lucy spied the mail lady and had to catch up with her from a distance in order to get her biscuit; so her smell is not quite as nice after running down the road.  Lucy's eyesight must be pretty good, she couldn't have smelled the biscuit from that distance.)

The Christmas Tree Closeup

Not sure if this camera will be the one I keep, I have to practice quite a bit more.  It's heavy, uses 4 AA batteries, and my carpal tunnel started up right off the bat, my left hand and wrist were numb  from holding the camera.  I will try to adjust my grip on it and see what happens.

I took all three of these photos without using the Flash, and these were indoors, curtains closed, in the early evening with the Christmas Tree lights on and one table lamp also turned on.  I haven't yet got the knack of all of the settings, and my memory card was full after taking 16 photos, so a lot more practicing is in order.  I also need a bigger memory card, this one is 64mb. 

So at least all of the cobwebs in the ceiling corners are gone, the dusting and vacuuming are done, the floors are washed, the windows cleaned, laundry done for a few days, well- it's all done for the time being anyway.

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