Faces in the Lighthouse Ice

Can you see any faces in the lighthouse?  Also, it looks like an ice cream cone, too.  This is one cold building out in Lake Erie nearby Cleveland, Ohio.  It reminds me of some of the snow and ice scenes in Dr. Zhivago, when they were escaping to the house.  This ice looks dirty, though,  and the snow was light and bright in the movie.


Janet Bocciardi said...

oh my gosh, what a cool photo! I used to go to Lake Erie (NY side) in the '60s when it was very polluted. We'd just collect sea glass and went to an amusement park near there. Brought back some memories!

Thank you for your blog comment. It's true - somehow now that I'm spending more time with myself rather than climbing a ladder at work - I am understanding life and its shortness a whole lot better. I do need to remind myself to not sweat what I can't fix or change and see the beauty in every thing and everyone.

I'm a new follower!

New End Studio said...

Some talented person (not me) took that photo, I saw it on a foreign news site w/no accreditation. It's kind of creepy yet inviting isn't it?

I always wanted to find sea glass, I find shells and fragments, though.

I'm still learning to let go, if you know what I mean. Making plans is a good thing, but being "present" is enjoyable, too. Sounds like a blog post...