July 5, 2016

The Lost and Found of Art and Memories During a Mid Year Review, Turtle and City

aceo blocks and dots turtle and city New End Studio

The post on growing lettuce on the windowsill had this image tucked into the collage.  Didn't realize at the time that this aceo hadn't been shared in its own post.  It was made years ago with acrylics on cold press paper and gotten lost in the image folders for a while.

When I painted this, I was remembering my little turtle from my childhood.  That was back in the day when you could buy tiny turtles at the Woolworth store.

Whenever I think of him or her? I see shell, tiny head and legs which he used to full advantage while he explored the grass in my backyard.  Lost him once!  Green turtle in all that green grass wasn't easy to find him.

Let free from his turtle house, my tiny turtle would walk pretty fast for a turtle.  It was as if he was born to roam. The same way I enjoy myself on a trip to NYC or other city.

This aceo is city, buildings, lights, traffic, taxis, and turtle shells altogether.  It's dark and striking, confusing, congested, slow and fast at the same time.  Best of all, it's full of opportunities to explore and enjoy.

It's nice to sometimes find myself renewed through bits and pieces from the Lost and Found.

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Magic Love Crow said...

What a sweet post! I can see your turtle walking around in your backyard! Great aceo! I hope you had a nice 4th of July and I hope everything is going well Gloria! Thanks for coming by my blog! Just to let you know, that La Luna on my blog, is my third one! Having fun making them! LOL! Big Hugs!

Gloria said...

La Luna reminds me to watch Moonstruck, such a good movie. Ahh, keep up making them, they have a special essence.

4th was very noisy in the neighborhood, poor dogs barking and scared all over. I am plugging along, hope to make progress some time.

Thanks for stopping by~ huggs.