Never Get Locked Out of Your Online Accounts Again. Paper Scraps Bye Bye. So Long Scribbles. Use This Free Printable Password Log, My Gift to You.

printable password log sheet newendstudio
Free Printable Password Log
There has to be a better way to keep track of User Names, Passwords, and the dreaded Security Questions and Answers.  Yep, from my index cards, to Post Its, also stationery and envelopes, to mini Composition Books, and all the dreaded little scraps of paper, or writing it on  the bottom of tissue boxes... yep, I've done all that and more.  

Sometimes I look at my scribbled notes and wonder which is the User Name and which is the Password? I've had to phone up to get access and couldn't answer the Security Questions, I mean, you make up the answers too, don't you?

Free Printable Password Log is my gift to you.

With lines for essential information to guarantee we won't get locked out of our accounts. Hope this makes your Log In to your online accounts a breeze.


Magic Love Crow said...

Cool! Thank you!!!!

Gloria said...

You're welcome, now to print it out and organize myself. haha

Paula Rockwell said...

Hi Gloria!! Thanks for stopping by my No Rules Weekend Blog Party..very nice to see you! This password log is a very good idea. I try to file all mine away in my brain which doesn't work so good lol.

Gloria said...

You're welcome, Paula. Nice to see you again. Best of luck with your new ventures, you can do it.