If You Forget, Just Add Garlic Plus the Necklace is Finished!

Anybody know that expression, "I can't remember half the things I was supposed to forget?"  Or, something like that?

I looked at a picture file on my computer and I saw a half dozen or so nice lookiing meals. I cannot remember what the ingredients or the steps of cooking.

It would be funny except that, this is the way I often cook. Most of the time it turns out fine, if not, add garlic, and no one is the wiser, no really, no one is the wiser.

So, before I forget, I wanted to share with you that I got my courage up and submitted a necklace to the Jewelry Gallery section at Jewelry Making Journal.  Being offline for a bit and not checking emails, I didn't know that I received an email from them (Rena and Alice) to let me know my necklace was included in the latest newsletter and on the website.  Pardon me while I regain my composure.  It's probably not a big deal to any of you, but for me, who doesn't rock the boat or reach for anything too high, it was a lovely little  thrill - and I want you to be a part of it.

If you have a moment, will you please click the link and leave a comment.  The Jewelry Making Journal has a great amount of information and sharing tips among contributors. You could spend hours reading through it and maybe sign up for the newsletter before you leave.  

I showed the necklace here on the blog in a different, unfinished state and received helpful comments.  For some time the necklace and other projects were set aside while I shuffled my way through some bad times.  A couple of weeks ago I finished the necklace and a few other items which had been on my mind.

I'd appreciate if you could comment on the necklace and hope you enjoy reading the JMJ.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I visited (and now subscribe to the feed of) the Jewelry website. Although I don't make a lot of jewelry, there is a ton of useful and fun info there.

I also left a comment on your beautiful creation!

Gloria said...

Great, Debbie, you'll probably pick up something useful from JMJ.

Thanks so much for commenting over there, you were very generous, now I need to keep it up, lol. Thanks so much again.
Glad you like it.

Magic Love Crow said...

Good for you Gloria ;o) I am so happy for you! I did go over and comment! This is excellent! Yeh ;o) Hugs ;o)

Gloria said...

Hey Stacy!

Thanks so much. Your comment here and there are warmly appreciated!