Saying So Long For Now

On August 13, 2014 my gentle good girl, Lucy, left my side.  Funny ladylike loving demure friendly smart soft playful quiet loud precious.  She had all those qualities and more.

Lucy needed a lot of love when I met her.  She had no home stability, was abused and neglected the first eight years of her life.

I earned Lucy's trust and affection, minute by minute.  She gave an inch and I gave a yard until one day Lucy's world was stress-free, happy, and optimistic.   She realized that she was in a home with people who wanted her and accepted her completely.  

Last week she had an emergency health problem which surgery was supposed to have fixed, but the surgery created problems, too big for Lucy to overcome.

There are no definitive answers for why she could not recover.

I searched high and low, asked loads of questions, all without success.  Now there is a huge aching hole in my heart and soul.

Lucy made me a better woman by letting me shower her with love, compassion, kindness, and patience.

She built up my energy each day in return with little triumphs and encouragements.

I'm going to try and remember her life lesson and how it included me.  In time, letting her go, with all the pain and hurt, will probably soften, but never go away.

Paw prints on the heart are indelible.

Good night my sweetie pie, 
you're my best and most good girl.
I love you dearly and completely.
Lucy, you are my treasure. 

Thank you Linda, Stacy, and Debbie for your prayers and positive energies. Knowing that Lucy and I had you encouraging us was a blessing.

I wanted to let friends and readers know that this will be my last blog post for a while.

I hope you all get to experience a great love from a pet you treasure.

Until we meet again - my wish is for you to be well, kind, and content  ...


Linda said...

You are so very brave and so was Lucy. No words can I express my sadness for you as well as her. She will always remain in your heart and soul. This is a beautiful post. She will always remain at your side.

I still have one hand on your shoulder.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, my friend, Lucy will always be with you! Always be right by you! She new she was loved! She new she had the best mom! She will always love you! You will never let her go. It will just get a little easier everyday. Don't you forget how Lucy made you a better woman! She still wants you to be that person! You keep smiling and you keep loving! Lucy wants you to do that!!
Gloria, I am sending you a BIG HUG! Remember, you are never alone!!!
Love you!

Gloria said...

(((((((Thank you very much Linda and Stacy.)))))))) Your words lift my heart a little. I appreciate this so much.