June 24, 2014

Time to Decide; Nature is Giving Me a Nudge

How hard is it for you to make decisions?  From choosing a pair of shoes to where to go on vacation; from "What's for dinner?" to a new pocketbook- the choices from big to small are just part of everyday living.  Thank goodness most decisions aren't the earth shattering, "Will I regret this?" ones.

I grew up having most of my path laid out in front of me.  I can tell you this is not the way to live and learn.  So I procrastinate and put off decisions even when my "gut instinct" tells me the right one to choose.  Sometimes backtracking is obtainable, but mostly a decision is a decision that can't be reversed.  From a bad choice comes life lessons and a new decision is made, but 20/20 rear view living is not smart or satisfying.

abstract acrylic canes and leaves
Abstract Acrylic
New End Studio 
If you're still with me, I have come to the conclusion that it's time "I made a Decision to Make a Decision!"  Can't get clearer than mud there.  Trying to go with my gut, checking out the experts, getting good advice and then stepping off into the mostly unknown.  Sort of like sky diving or bungee jumping might feel, all the anticipation and excitement wipes out the worry once you can't retract yourself from letting yourself go into the wide unsupported spaces, where only a rope and a parachute are your bosom companions.  Step out and then laugh, scream, and enjoy yourself.

Maybe it's the weather with all the wildlife in my neighborhood, you know, the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, bees, and other bugs all doing their thing- getting on with life and preparing to make some new lives, too, which are influencing me.  They live moment by moment, prepare a nest, gather the food, and do the best that they can.  So why shouldn't we all?  All, being me and you and any other worriers or procrastinators who may be reading this.    

I thought winter was the optimum time to draw within, observe, and think long on making choices, but the warm weather is nagging me with all the scents and noises saying it's, "Now or Never" to get on with IT.  We never know how short or long our lives will be.  

Thanks for reading this far.  Enjoy the summer (Northern Hemisphere people) and I hope the cooler weather people are having a beautiful change of seasons.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

For me, I know I sometimes over think things. That is, spend too much time trying to decide. I find that most of the time if I just jump in and do whatever it is, I start to "feel" like doing it. Make sense?

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, I wish you all the best my friend! I am a thinker too! What if? But, this year, I have really put out, that I am trusting in all the out comes! I am not questioning things anymore! I am just going for it! Well I try! LOL! Sometimes, we get to caught up about worrying about everything. If we new all our choices would turn out perfect, than we wouldn't worry about anything and just go for it! So everything is going to turn out perfect ;o)
Big Hugs ;o)

Gloria said...

Debbie I get what you're saying. Overthinking can get in the way of progress. Sort of like exercise- don't like it, but it feels good, until the pain- lol, but then the more you do, the better you feel. Not that I exercise...

Stacy you have a positive energy, can you bottle and ship it my way? lol I see what you mean about the perfection- it's never going to happen, so jump in and go for it, love that.

I hope you both have some fab things happen for you this year and beyond. One day at a time we'll get to where we are supposed to be.

Thanks for commenting :)