June 13, 2014

It Hasn't Just Been All Tea and Chocolate Around Here

Tea!  Chocolate!  No, there have been Green Smoothies full of healthy veg and fruit, too.  Ah, well.
It's been about a month since I showed myself here on the blog and it was busy times with sickness, to boot. Feeling better now and so is the other party who had me a little worried.

I was hoping that the kidnapped Nigerian girls would have been rescued and reunited with their families by now, but it hasn't happened.  All the hashtags and blogging haven't made any difference, at least not yet. With a hopeful heart, I will continue to keep good thoughts and prayers for the girls.  May their suffering soon be over.

Three am this morning I was busy making a birthday cake, my icing skills not the best, but the taste made up for the lack of curly swirlings.

Friday the 13th has turned out to be quite a nice day so far.  The weather is gorgeous after the humidity of the morning and the birds are so loud I wanted to tell them to Button Up about 5am. Sometimes it feels a privilege to listen to their songs.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend.  Get up to something fun!  


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Good to hear from you, Gloria! Glad "both" parties are feeling better.

The cake looks yummy, and I would take one like that over an ornately decorated one any day.

After a week of rain, I'm ready to get into some fun this weekend...or maybe a home improvement project or two!

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, I am so behind in blog land!
My friend, it is great to hear from you ;o)
I am sorry you have been sick!
My prayers are going out to those girls too! It's so sad! We can't give up hope!
Your cake looks so yummy! I love it ;o)
I feel that way about the birds too! Sometimes, I want to tell them to shut up, LOL! But, I feel it is such a gift too ;o)
Big Hugs and be well ;o) oxoxxo