April 15, 2014

Two Quick Tips: Help When You Hammer in the Kitchen (Bag It) and How Does Your Blog Look on Other Readers and Devices?

green kitchen, frugality, tenderize It was a glorious warm day on Sunday, 77 degrees. I opened the windows for a bit and enjoyed all the breeze that graciously came my way.  The only bad part of the day was all the noise.  It seemed that the weed whacker folks, the cutting the lawn before it's even grown folks, and the muffler free folks all decided that yesterday was let it all loose day.

Oh well, it still was nice while it lasted. Today it's back to winter.  That's right, 2-4 inches of the white stuff is predicted.  I hope the weather people are sun struck from Sunday and they are way off on their guess.

I have two tips for you.  First this one for the kitchen, see the photo above.  I wish I had thought of this trick before now.  I no longer have a production with layers and clean up and having little chicken bits shooting out of the layers onto me, the floor, or the appliances.  To use the recycled bag, I clean it out and when it's time to whack away, insert the meat or fowl, and hold the opening closed.  Only once a bag split open as  I took out a little too much frustration in my hammering.  But, it's all good.

Second tip.  If you want to see how your blog or site looks in a variety of electronic screens, (Kindles, Galaxy, Android, iPad, etc.) go to Quirktools to their Screenfly tab and type in your blog address or any website.  They will show how your site looks on a variety of screens.

I changed my blog header to show it better on a variety of tablets, phones, etc.  When I look at my blog statistics, it shows that some people are reading on gadgets other than a desktop.  I thought this may help readers see my page a bit easier.  It also helped to see how the images/photos line up on the gadgets.

Because I have vision issues, I don't like to scroll back and forth to read a blog post or look at the images, so I considered this in setting the overall width of my blog and now that I looked at it on Screenfly, I can see the variations in screen resolutions much better.  I know we can't please every gadget's requirements, but a couple of them might do.  Hope my little tips help.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

Good tips, Gloria! I usually cover the meat with a sheet of wax paper, but your idea is a great way to recycle what I would otherwise throw out.

As more and more people are using phones and tablets to surf and look at blogs, this is an excellent suggestions!

Thanks for the email--I'll answer soon!

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, great tips for everything! Thank you ;o) I like to recycle, so I love this for the meat!
That web site is excellent! Although, I am not 100% sure how to do my blog! LOL! It's hard to please everyone, but at least if we can please some people, that is the main thing ;o) I don't know how people use such small screens to look at!
Big Hugs ;o) and Happy Easter ;o)

Gloria said...

Glad you both liked the tips. I used waxed paper or plastic wrap and paper plates and it was always messy. The bag thing is closed on three sides so I guess it's safer for me to hammer my hard heart out, lol.

I know, that site shows the smallest and the largest devices. Going from a desktop to a little laptop was my giant leap into modernity. I don't know when I'll get to the other gadgets. Some day...

Happy Easter to you both and hope your snow melts soon,too.