How Would You Complete This Necklace?

no clasp necklace
The finishing touch is still needed on this long necklace.  I put it together for someone who is tallish, about 5' 10".  She has difficulties with her hands, so this has no clasp.

The ribbons are doubled in the photo, and are a bit lightweight.  With her arthritis and other problems, a heavy chain was a no go for her.

I'm not satisfied with it though.  I was thinking about adding a wider ribbon or a lightweight chain intertwined to the ribbons. Another idea was to wind a thin type of soft braided cord to the ribbons.  I want to keep the look simple and elegant.

I know she likes monograms, so the letter charm was a nice find.  She is active in her church, so I added the other charms, a key and pearls, a bit hard to see in this photo.

What would you do to make the ribbon a little more hefty, but not weigh it down too much or make it scratchy on her neck?  I can't work with seed beads or tiny items because of vision issues.  I want to keep to soft colors- blue, brown, off white, and silvertones. Any suggestions appreciated!

P.S.  See the finished necklace in this post.
        Here is the necklace at Jewelry Making Journal.


Craftymoose Crafts said...

I think adding a round braided cord or a cord with a few more pearls would look nice. Beautiful job!

Linda said...

This is beautiful Gloria and I love it.
I will write soon. Thank you for sharing.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, I think you are doing a wonderful job! She is going to love it! I am not a jewelry maker, but I like Deb's suggestion. Maybe the braided cord would give it more substance, with out it being heavy?
Hugs ;o)

Gloria said...

Deb your idea sounds lovely.

Thanks for the compliments everyone. I get to get this finished, it is past due to mail it!

I am mulling the idea of threading pearls on another ribbon, knotting and spacing them, winding in through the other ribbons and tying the ends to the jump rings.

Next chance I get to go to the craft store I will see what nice cords they might have.

I will post a completed necklace as soon as it's done. :)

Hope you are all enjoying your week.

Gloria said...

"I get to get this finished" early morning typing. Should be something like, "I need to get this finished."

Although getting to do it is a nice diversion from going through boxes and doing chores!

Paula Miller said...

It's already very pretty!! It was nice of you to stop by and say hello! I've missed seeing you around and am glad to be blogging more again :)

Gloria said...

Good to see you, Paula. Time is zipping by faster than I want it to...hoping the warmer weather gives me more energy, lol.

Kim Adams Morgan said...

Hi, stopping by from Friendship Friday. I've never made jewelry so wouldn't have a clue what to add. Sorry. Looks beautiful though. Love the soft tones.

Gloria said...

Welcome, Kim. Thanks for kind words- I tried to keep the colors in those tones, it must have worked!