Stretching Dollars and Charming the Grinch

tutorial to make thrifty wreaths
That Grinch song is playing on the radio and it's so darn catchy.  I know a few people who are real grinches, and not just at Christmastime but all the year long.  They have no interest in celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, or any significant milestone or achievement.  They live for themselves.  They are miserly with their time; they are stingy with their words; they are selfish and satisfy only their own needs and wants.
Do you know any grinches?

tutorial for stretching dollars with wreath making
I wanted to put wreaths on the windows, but with packing and decluttering and trying not to spend on more stuff- I set out to see how cheaply I could make 6 cheery wreaths.

At a dollar store I bought one package of wired garland, which was 15 feet for $1.00.  Plus I bought some curling ribbon $1.00 for each roll and 2 packages of red glittered bows with loops for $1.00 each (6 bows in total.)

I cut the garland to size and just connected the cut ends by wrapping one end to the other.  I put the bow loop over one of the cut ends before wrapping it closed. Then I just put the ribbon around the circle, over and under- simple.  It still was a little skimpy so I put curling ribbon on three places on the big wreath and on the bottom on the smaller wreaths.  I took a card someone had sent, cut it down with patterned scissors and hung it from the bow.


That's my wish for you and to the Grinches in this world. I hope the holidays don't overwhelm you. Don't let the hub-bub, the crowds, traffic, and all that there is to do- take your joy.


Linda said...

Yes, I know a few people that are Grinch type people...It is quite sad... They are the ones that bring the rest of the world down...
These wreathes are wonderful. They really cheer things up and make things festive. I hope that you have a great seasons greetings.
Thank you for sharing.

Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

Your Christmas wreaths are so pretty Gloria. I try and stay clear of Grinch people......lol

Craftymoose Crafts said...

I have to say I don't really know any Grinches--I try to stay away from negativity. Your wreaths turned out so nice, and to think all that came from the dollar store! Adding the card images made them all the more special!

Gloria said...

I wish we could make their hearts four sizes bigger, just like in the story- lol.

Thanks for the nice compliments on the wreaths. Me No Grinch!!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Gloria ;o) I love your wreaths!! Great idea ;o) They are so happy and bright ;o) Love the idea of using the card!
I see many Grinchs out there and, I could kick them in the butt! LOL! I keep smiling, they aren't bringing me down ;o)
Big Hugs and Happy Ho Ho ;o)


What a sweet, festive wreath -- brilliant! While I'm definitely not into the holiday crowds and crazy commercialisation, the spirit of Christmas never ceases to thrill me and lift me up :)

Gloria said...

If you do, I want to see a picture of you kicking them - LOL!!! Thanks for the wreath love!

Gloria said...

Thanks! I know what you mean, I avoid the most crowded shopping days and enjoy my peace and somewhat quiet time. Happy Christmas to you and everyone...