All Dried Out and Check Your Hose Tip

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With a title like that, I don't know what you might be thinking, but it's safe to keep reading.  I promised to come back this week to update and my house clearing adventure over the past week did not disappoint.

Here's the tip:  Check Your Water Hose Connections on Your Washing Machine and Dishwasher at Least Once a Year.  

You know how you put off doing things because there are so many things to do?  Well, I often noticed that my cold water connection was pretty newish, at least installed in the past ten years and it looked clean, non rusty, and the hose was flexible.  The hot water connection was an ugly rusted monstrosity and the hose was not flexible and I should have given it some attention.

Here's what happened (in brief):   the connection/hose on the hot water pipe line shot water all over the basement through the wash and rinse cycles. It was like standing under a water fountain in a public monument and walking into inch deep water.  The washing machine is fine but my cleanup left me with two ruined tables, wet chairs, a soaked fan, and an underwater emergency radio.  I lost four good packing boxes plus two boxes of packing papers- some bubble wrap is drying out.   A few other things may be salvageable and I threw out other boxes that were soggy.

It took the better part of two-three days plus Liquid Wrench and muscle to dislodge the bad coupling thingamajig.  The hose and replacement parts are now new and shiny.  I can do laundry again!

The good news is that lots of stuff was in big plastic/vinyl totes, not in cardboard boxes yet, so they survived the shower.  The other good news is that Jury Duty was not required.

Thank you for checking in.  I'm going to get back to some kind of normalcy any day now, no promises as to when.  My eye is giving me a little concern so there are loads of reading to get to and emails to answer, please don't think I have forgotten.

Make sure you check your hoses soon!  I'll be back next week.  Enjoy the end of summer, the weather here has been chilly, but comfortable, hope it's really nice where you are.
Bye for now.    


Yellow Roses for the Wounded an Update

It was so nice to log on today, do a skim and see what everyone has been doing. There are new babies on the way- Congrats Paula!  Lots of new babies making moms happy and tired, new business ventures, new products, new art, new jewelry, and more. I've kept busy plugging away:  packing, sorting, shredding, donating, discarding, painting, and planning.

yellow roses in a bud vaseIn the past few weeks I've dropped a ladder on my right foot- ouch, poor toes got bruised, but better now.  I twisted my left foot and couldn't walk for days, all better now.  Sprained my left wrist and arm badly- still not healed, but slowly coming around.  Dealing with allergies, colds, and fever- but hey, no moaning- just keep on keeping on as they say.

Into my shopping cart dropped this- I treated myself to a bouquet of small bud yellow roses.  They were $3.98 and lasted more than a week.  I put one stem in this bud vase and the other stems in a vase for the parlor table.  While sitting on the couch resting my foot I had something pretty to look at!

One of my thrift stores turned me away as they have so many donations they are all backed up.  The Salvation Army couldn't do a pickup for 7 weeks, so I cancelled them and asked Habitat to pickup.  Free things at the end of the driveway disappear shortly after being put there.  A couple of things on Craigslist- ablounge and monitor-  are not getting any interest.  I still have all the big furniture to list and sell, if not, then donate.

The plan is to move in November, but if the house doesn't sell or other things crop up, I will return to stay until it's finalized.  I have had to accept that things aren't going according to my timetable; going with the flow is a tough lesson to learn, but I'm teachable.

THANKS to everyone who played along with our Inspired by Four Letter Words Series, it was fun to see what we all made and to think of words on our Pinterest Group Board. Please add to the Pinterest board, but for the foreseeable future, let's put a pause on the linkups here on the blog, (unless someone wants to add it to their blog, let me know.) When I first suggested the idea, I didn't know if anyone would participate, so once again, THANK YOU for joining in!

I am not able to visit as often as before, but I am keeping all of you in my prayers for your good health and happiness.  I know that some of you are entering the busy season for your shops, and I wish you extraordinary sales and overflowing good business ventures. Whatever you are doing, I hope you have a great time, make happy memories, and that it lasts a long time.

A special birthday shout out to Stacy,  who has a birthday on September 18th and mine is the 19th.  Any other September babies, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, TOO!!

I will update next week, still have to find out about Jury Duty, until then, all the best.