Ain't No Mountain (of Cardboard Boxes) High Enough

Just one of the things keeping me busy these past few weeks is the pile of boxes to open, sort, and repack.

I looked away from the computer and blog for what seemed like a couple of days, to realize my last post was for Independence Day.  Time is on the rug that has been pulled out from under my feet!

With only one good weekend weather-wise before the heat and thunderstorm rotation began, there is now a full garage.  I'll try Craigslist and put some things out on the driveway, just to get this garage emptied before I bring up more stuff from the basement.

Every so often I wonder if moving is the right thing to do- then here comes the next tornado warning and I remember. About a week ago Lucy and I spent hours in the basement, partially in the dark with flashlights (the power went out) and although we were safe, and many aren't- it's not something I want to do every summer and early autumn, waiting, wondering, praying, hoping that the tornadoes will fizzle out- diminish- weaken then skip our town and everyone will be safe. God bless all those who live and thrive in the path and history of the whirling winds. Although tornadoes are just one consideration in the moving, they aren't the only reason. More about those reasons to come.

Hope the weather is cooling off after the intense heat and you are all enjoying your summer!

Hope to see on Friday what you have made on Inspired by Four or More With Four and on the Pinterest Board.  If there were only four more boxes to go!



Miss Val's Creations said...

Hi Gloria, So much work! One great thing about moving is purging the things you never use. Craigslist can help you make some good money too!

I took cover for my first tornado watch a few weeks ago. Having lived in Eastern MA my entire life, this was a completely new experience for me! It is so scary. I don't know how you do it! Luckily you have Lucy by your side. :)

I hope your weather is improving too. We had a 7 day heat wave last week which was also very odd! Mother Nature is really out of control these days.

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Glad to hear all is going well and that you haven't become buried beneath your pile of boxes! There are always a lot of mixed emotions involved in moving.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, so great to hear from you! I'm glad you are alright with the storms that happened! If I lived closer, I would help you out with the boxes! No garage sale? You should try to have one ;o) I don't think I will be doing Four this month, sorry! So many things going on at the house and I am getting ready to go away next week too. Take Care and be well ;o)

~Rasz~ said...

I grew up in the land of tornadoes and storms and moved many years ago. Although I miss the green all year and the fireflies, I have never moved back because of the weather. I have even been offered jobs, met new friends in Oklahoma and really thought about moving there, I just remember how nice to live without the fear. I think as we get older, we understand the devistation so much more, and it is scary. It's a new adventure for you, with new friends and Lucy will enjoy all the new smells...everywhere...for months!!!