Making Buttons and a Liebster Award

jellybeans blog awardI'm in the midst of getting the house ready for sale, doing all kinds of jobs that have been put off for too long. I was wondering what I could write about since my desk has been left in the middle of a couple of projects for weeks and I haven't gotten to them.  So no new works to share right at this moment.

Sue Forey-Fibreart  gave me a Liebster Award and I have the answer to my blogging dilemma with this post.  Thanks, Sue- for the award! and these fun questions:

ladybird ladybug1) Who is your favourite artist?
     I 've gone in cycles, sometimes it's a photographer, watercolorist,
     collage, abstract,...right now I  couldn't pick just one person.        

2) Are you a morning early bird or night owl?
     Until recently a Night Owl, but mornings are becoming more
     productive.  I like that early morning bird chorus.

lots of dolls3) When did you first start writing your blog?
                                                I started this blog in March 2010.

4) Who is your ideal man?
      Living or Fictional?  He'd have to be something special to keep
      my attention.  ♥

5) What is your worst habit?
      Only one?  (My Ideal Man may be reading this. See #4.)

colorful ribbons6) What type of music do you like to listen to?
       Depends on my mood, and if I can sing along.  Folk, Rock, Jazz,
       Blues, almost anything, any era.  My Ideal Man would like to
       sing, too or at the least, not mind my attempts.  

7) Favourite holiday destination?
      Somewhere near an ocean, not rural, and not too far from a city
      with museums, antiquities, and more.

8) Do you sell your creations and if so where?
      In the past, I listed and sold aceos on Ebay, but took a break.
      I now have a Storenvy shop, which  is currently in limbo.  Last year I
      created  a blog shop front, but have not opened it as yet. In the
      meantime, if you see something on the blog that you like,
      just email me.

9) Who is your biggest fan?
      I have no idea.  Do I have one?  If you're out there, please come forward,
      let me know, and why?!

10) What is your favourite weather?
pour me a cup        Depends on my mood.  A light, soft rain, not cold, not hot and
        not humid for those dreamy days.

        A brisk, crisp thin airy day for the middle of autumn.

       The warm, early Spring light days for easing into gardening.

        Walking by moonlight on the crunchy snow in the middle of winter,
        when it's quiet and  the air is cloudlike from your breath and just
                                                 less than bitterly cold.

11) What is your favourite TV show?
        Have to say that I don't have one favorite show.  My thumb is wearing out from channel
        surfing. Sometimes I read while the tv is on.  Maybe this is the answer to #5 above.

I made these Liebster images with free photos from the  Morgue File and editing on ipiccy.  If you like them and use them, I wouldn't mind a linkback here.

Please visit Sue  and her awardees.  Sue makes beautiful felt paintings, landscapes and myth making stories come to mind.  Now I have to think of 11 questions for the next 5 awardees, the awards go to blogs with less than 300 followers...