March 22, 2013

If the Calendar Says Spring

If the calendar says it is Spring, it must be springlike weather somewhere.  As I write this, it's 18F and it has snowed through blustery winds, both big flakes and little ones off and on for the past few days.  The flakes drifted down, covered car windows, and then disappeared in a mysterious way.  It's too cold to  melt, so where does snow go when  you aren't watching?

warm spring scene art card new end studioThere is hope for Spring returning as there are signs of it in the neighborhood.  Birds have come back and are serenading me from about 4:30am until mid-day and then they take a break, where they fly to, I don't know.  Maybe they are having a snooze or collecting food and building up the old nests.

Sitting down with tea and something to read, I settle in to hear the birds start gossiping once again.  Their music is beautiful.

Except for one bird who faithfully scratches his bony toes over a chalkboard and screeches, that's what he sounds like.  He does this every day at 2pm.  Every day.  He continues for an hour or so, you can't tune him out.  So annoying.  Wish I could get him to a bird relocator and place him in a different neighborhood this year.

The Aceo Challenge Blog requested theme this month is Think Spring, so here is my card.   Everyone is welcome to participate, you have until March 31 to submit your aceo.    


AntiquityTravelers said...

I am starting to wonder where the heck spring is, and that the groundhog lied. he lied!

Christine Altmiller said...

Your spring scene is so hopeful and cheerful :-) I like your idea of bird relocation...I don't have any annoying birds (just lovely ones), except my neighbor's rooster. He used to have one with a beautiful sound. This new one...not so much! Think he would notice if it was Roosternapped?

Linda Bouffard said...

Trying to think what that bird is... grackle maybe. They make the sound like a wooden back door hinge. No.. always at the same time. That's probably not funny, huh? How've you been, Gloria? Yor friend, Linda

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Love your adorable ACEO! I finally got off my butt and entered one this month, too! Have a great weekend!

Magic Love Crow said...

Your aceo is adorable! So cute!! I was laughing at your bird scratching his bony toes! LOL! Never heard a bird like that before! LOL! The one thing I love about Spring, is the return of the birds! We have lots of snow too!

Miss Val's Creations said...

It is totally cold in my neck of the woods too. I was thinking spring this morning through because the birds were sounding springy! The annoying birds drive me crazy too!!! I guess mother nature has to throw those in too to offset the pretty ones. Cute card for spring. :)

Additionsstyle said...

I could really use some warm weather. Hopefully Spring will show up soon! Your ACEO is really sweet.
Everyday Insired

Lucy said...

I love your aceo!! Sometimes you have to think spring before it really truly blooms :) Oh, and that bird would drive me insane. I have a woodpecker that likes to eat my house and besides the fact that I don't want holes in my house the constant,knock,knock it annoying so I chase it away, we fight a lot lol.