February 8, 2013

It's a Girl! Valentine Pup Giveaway

Would you like to win this sweet Valentine Pup?  There won't be a long story in this post as time is short before Valentine's Day.  Enter to win in the gadget, below.

Just a reminder, this is open to USA residents only.  Don't throw any shoes!!!  My previous giveaways were open universe-wide and the next one will be, too.  In fact, if someone from Neptune wins, they will have to come and collect, USPS, Fed-Ex, etc. won't take light years into account.  Back to the giveaway at hand, Good Luck!

With less than 5 hours to go, I've ended the giveaway in order to contact the winner and possibly mail the pup tomorrow morning.
See the winner's announcement in the next blog post.  ♥
Thank you for stopping by!


Jenn @ Finding My Sunshine In Life said...

New follower- looking forward to becoming friends!! =)

Magic Love Crow said...

He is so cute!!! He told me he wants to live in Canada ;o) Oh well, next time ;o( I will forgive you Gloria ;o) ( By the way, no problems with the tail! I will e-mail you!) Big Hugs ;o)

Lucy said...

I am all entered and keeping my fingers crossed,not sure if I will keep it or be a sweet Aunt and pass it on to a lucky a little niece!

Paula Miller said...

Cute little love dog! I've put a ban on stuffed friends at my house ~ we have no room for more :(