Yarn Wreath with Burlap, No Glue Needed RHONYC Made Me Do It

Take one Styrofoam wreath form, start wrapping yarn around it until you are dizzy, or your hands give out, whichever comes first.  Then you keep unwinding and rewinding it to get it all nice and lined up perfectly, but realize you look like a hunched down Rumpelstiltskin working endlessly at the spinning wheel and decide to take a break.

You turn on the tv and start watching the spectacle called, "The Real Housewives of New York City Reunion"  and that's where the yarn winding starts to go really astray. There's something about yelling and threats of bodily harm that is so uncomfortable to watch.  No, wait, that's RHONJ,  Theresa and company. Anyway, you put your wreath down and walk away, but you don't change the channel because you hope they will make nice with each other and have some sense, hope springs eternal, doesn't it?

yarn wreath with burlap flower no glue needed new end studioSo you just tie the various colors of yarn together and make big lengths and wind, wind, wind around the wreath form.  That little part where it went haywire is where Ramonja and Aviva were going at it.  Can you feel sorry for any of them? Back to winding the yarn and since this is a NYC production, the colorful and the avant garde creep in to the color choices.

In the end, I used these colors because that's what I had on hand.  Down in the basement, in a big box of craft supplies where I have embroidery hoops, projects started and some waiting to commence or be framed, there is a stash of balls of yarn and crochet hooks.  I found a neck warmer/scarf in two shades of blue that I'd crocheted  long ago.  I was mildly impressed, it was nice, neat, and pretty.  If I made that scarf back then, I can learn to do it again, or as I said, "hope springs eternal."

To finish off the wreath, I cut some petal shapes from burlap, painted the edges with gold metallic paint and a little glow in the dark to see if it would actually glow at night, stacked them and placed a button in the center with a florist pin through the button holes to secure them.  The other accent is several fabric leaves, a little burlap, then a button in the center which is held in place by opening up a paper clip, cutting it in half, and pushing it through the button holes.

There was no glue used on the wreath or loop, nor would I; watching RHONYC and a hot glue gun- bad combination.  Then I made a burlap loop and tied a ribbon to hang it on the door.

Do you ever watch any tv train wrecks to distract you from the normal day to day? When I need a distraction I've usually got a cd on, and sing which makes Lucy a little on edge.  I wouldn't call my voice a train wreck, but...



AntiquityTravelers said...

ha! who am I to judge what reality TV trash you watch v what I watch!! personally the Voice seems to do it for me lately. That St Pete lariat was all the blind auditions as background as I blew past a bracelet, then a necklace and then right on to a lariat.

Love the wreath - really pretty for the holidays!

Dee @ A Lapin Life said...

I love your beautiful wreath Gloria. The burlap flower adds that extra special touch.
I watch both the train wrecks on TV! To think they all live by me is kind of a scary thought. lol I could run into any of them at anytime. ;P

IrelandBrady said...

How uniquely creative! Love your yarn wreath! You are so very clever!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Pretty wreath! Great project for in front of the tube. I never watch TV during the day--most of my crafting is done to music.

Two Succulent Sisters said...

This is adorable!! Yes, I like to watch thriller movies and that is my distraction. Thanks for showing how to make this. Linda

Magic Love Crow said...

You are so cute Gloria!!! LOL! I love the wreath! You have given me a great idea! I have some left over burlap and I think I might use it with some other things, to make something really funky!! I am sorry I haven't e-mailed you back yet! The internet was up and down for the past couple of days. So, I am trying to catch up in blog land first. I am happy you are excited about the painting! Big Hugs ;o)

Lucy said...

First, I think your yarn wreath is adorable and I was wondering how you got the yarn so tight.
Second, I giggled all through the post because I do watch Reality television and at one time I watched the Housewives, religiously,now, I still pop in and catch them but not as hooked as I was in the beginning but make no mistake I still keep up,kind of like Soap Operas way back in the day.

Paula Miller said...

It turned out really pretty Gloria!! Thank you so much for sharing this and your other posts with my NO RULES Weekend Blog Party :))


Miss Val's Creations said...

I love this Gloria! What a great idea and it could be changed up with the seasons! Somehow I go hooked on the NYC Housewives. They are all lunatics with the exception of Carol who cracks me up. I think she just went on the show to be entertained by these crazy women!