May 11, 2012

7 Step Basic Batter for Quick Banana Cake or Snack Breads

I approached this recipe with some of the knowledge I picked up by watching Alton Brown's Food Network show, "Good Eats."  Although I haven't seen that show for a few years, it was amusing and certain tips stayed in the library within my mind.

Alton used chemistry and trial and error to show how ingredients interacted with each other.  He had a whole cast of characters, sometimes silly props (reminded me of Mystery Science Theater) and  plenty of  terrific information.  Have you seen him lately?  He's lost a lot of weight.

Use my recipe with bananas, berries, raisins, apples, pears, just about any non-citrus fruit you like.  Make it without fruit.  I've used it with Nutella, too.  Here's my basic recipe:

Preheat Oven to 350F
Spray Pam or other oil OR use shortening to grease a 9x9 square pan.

2 cups Flour (mine is unbleached all purpose) 
3 teaspoons Baking Powder  (aluminum free if you can get it)
Pinch of Salt
1/2 to 3/4 cup of granulated Sugar (to your taste)
2 eggs
3 Tablespoons vegetable oil (Canola) OR 3 Tbsp Melted Butter or Margarine Cooled to room temperature
1 teaspoon Vanilla Extract OR not, depending on your taste
3/4 to 1 cup milk OR milk/water combo  This amount will depend on how pourable your  finished batter is.
Bananas, well ripened.  Usually two small or medium or one large.

1)  In a separate cup or bowl mash your peeled bananas with a fork until they are nice and smooshed.  
     Set aside.

2)  In a separate bowl combine eggs, milk, oil, and extract and whip with a fork or whisk until eggs are     
     blended well.

3)  In a bowl add flour, baking powder, salt, and sugar.  Stir with a wooden spoon lightly until blended.  

4)  Add the egg mixture to the dry mixture.  Stir until blended.  If the mixture is not pourable like batter 
     and not too runny like crepe batter add more milk and blend.  Thin and runny is not good. 

5)  Add bananas last and fold in or stir gently.  

6)  Pour into the prepared pan.  Bake for 34 minutes, checking every 3 or 4 minutes with a 
     skewer/toothpick/cake tester until it comes out clean.  
     Ovens vary, my cake is usually finished baking in 38 minutes.  

7)  Cool the cake in the pan on a rack for 15 minutes.  If you are taking the cake out of the pan, gently 
      loosen the edges first.  I leave my cake in the pan, it comes with a plastic cover and I just put that on 
      after it is thoroughly cooled.   (Like a brownie sized pan.)

All ready to be served with a little whipped cream and diced walnuts on top.  There's Lucy waiting for her share.

There you have it, my basic batter, versatile and not so fancy that you don't have the ingredients in your local stores.

I like a little cinnamon in the cake, if you want spices just add to the dry mixture, add to your taste.  One teaspoon or more is the usual amount.  This would be nice without  bananas, sliced like little squares and spread with jam.

Enjoy with my favorite, Hot Tea, or cocoa, or even coffee.



✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Gloria,

Yum! Your cake look delicious.


laurie said...

this looks sooooo good! I've copied this down!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That looks good and easy! Thanks for sharing your recipe.

Lucy said...

This is great! I can do this and my husband asked if I would bake for him, perfect :)

New End Studio said...

Thanks ladies! This is a nice moist and firm cake hope you get good results!

ArtSings1946 said...

I'll have to let my daughter know about this. I always loved banana bread. Thanks so much for this post.

Happiness to all.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Gloria ;o) I am sorry I am behind in everything! But, I am trying to catch up ;o)I used to watch Good Eats all the time! And, you are right Alton Brown has lost a lot of weight, sometimes, I think too much! Your recipe sounds very yummy! I love cinnamon too ;o) Have a great day!

AntiquityTravelers said...

Yum! looks delicious!

Evelyn said...

I love banana cake! Great recipe with so many options. I have been watching Alton Brown on The Next Food Network Star and he is mentoring his same teaching techniques to the contestants. He has changed, I watched a rerun show of his from 2001 and I was surprised. Thank you for sharing at Freedom Fridays! So enjoyed the visit.

New End Studio said...

Lots of banana cake/bread lovers! Hope your daughter enjoys this, ArtSings!

Stacy, I'm not surprised you're playing catchup! Yes, he looks a teensy bit skinny, all that cooking and tasting latches onto the hips and chin and tummy, lol.

Waving to Cynthia :)

Hi Evelyn, glad you enjoyed this, too. I like to change it up. It was a bit of a surprise to see the slimmed down Alton. Hope he keeps his personality as before. Thanks for visiting and hosting FF.

Lenetta Carnes said...

It's Weekly Goals Link Up. It's a great way to stay on track. Have a great day. :) Here's the link in case you want to check it out. Thanks again.http://lenettacarnes.blogspot.com/2013/01/weekly-goals-linkup-html