Two Hunks in a Hardware Frame Upcycle

Here's one way to use up mismatched hardware.  Secretly, I enjoy using power tools- well, not a secret anymore.  The sad part is I can't hold them for very long or use a fair amount of pressure.  The love is there, but the ability is weakened.

I took some of these little shapes and glued them onto a photo frame.  It's an upcycle from a giveaway win during last year's OWOH.  I just took the flowered paper, ribbons, and shiny bits off and painted the frame in copper metallic and black.

Some of these hardware pieces spin; and I think   adding some more hardware will be in order, although it's getting heavy!  I should have put two hunks in those empty spaces.  With so many hunks, how could I narrow the list down?  Whose photos would you select?
We know who Stacy would pick- JD!  Anyone else?


✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Gloria,

The only thing missing is your artwork. You have done so many cool pieces. I'd love to see you update this with them.


Georgie Horn said...

Great upcycle! Come by for a giveaway!

Lucy said...

I love this Upcycle and making it modern and contemporary! I would have to put my husband in there :)

Magic Love Crow said...

I am sorry, I love JD ;o) LOL! This frame is so cool and you have gave me a great idea Gloria, thank you! I really think this is wicked!!!! Big Hugs ;o) Just to let you know, I have been having problems commenting, they say error 404, when I go to people's blogs. That's what happened with yours, but now I am finally able to comment ;o)

New End Studio said...

Thank you so much, Dee. I never think to frame my own work, I should.

Hey, Georgie- your photos crack me up, especially the last few on your blog. I can't comment on your blog, hope you see this. The embedded form doesn't work! Thanks for the invite- hey everyone else get to her blog for the giveaway!

Lucy, I can see your husband in one side and you in the other! TFV!

Stacy, I have no idea what went wrong, I hope it's not going to spread to everyone. They still haven't fixed the embedded form and that's since October.

Thanks so much for liking the frame, and I was just kidding about JD, :)

Thanks everyone!

Linda said...

Hi Gloria, Wow, I once took a class using hardwear. It was fun and I even bought a book. I didn't do much with it but you have just reminded me to get it out again. thank you for the reminder.
I sent you an e mail, I hope you get it. I love my new heart pin.
thank you for sharing.

New End Studio said...

Hi Linda, that class must have been fun- I'd like to learn to weld. Let's see what you make! I'm so glad you like the pin I sent to you! I emailed you.

Linda Bouffard said...

Love it a lot, Gloria! FUNKY! Thanks for sharing. linda