April 13, 2012

Sunshine and Tropical Dreams Lightbox Tips

It was so nice to see these colors just find their way to each other.  Okay, the lighting is not the best, but I did use a white background, the window, overhead lights- two of them, and also two mirrors to reflect the light.  This state is not called the Sunshine State!   

The pretty blues, aqua,  gold, greens, pink, and silver all made me want to find a boardwalk or an aquarium.  I'm seeing tropical fish, tropical flowers, tropical drinks, whoopsie, oh- you got me!  The beads are from what, I don't know, they are just in my stash of all kinds of bits and pieces dreaming about being used in a little project.  

For taking better photos, I had earlier made a lightbox from a gallon water jug.  It worked well with my other camera,  (which is kaput) but this new camera has a bigger lens and the opening in the jug isn't big enough for this lens.  (It was enlarged and didn't work well.)

I see a lightbox project in my future.  It's going to have to be foldable, since there isn't any place to store something all set up and ready to use all of the time.    Do you have a photography tip for little items and want to share?


laurie said...

that is lovely, I have not much skill with the camera, sorry, its pure luck with me no skill involved.

Miss Val's Creations said...

This piece makes me think of the Carribean! Taking jewelry photos is so tricky. I have an inexpensive lightbox from eBay which has worked great...only in natural light though!

Lucy said...

Oh, that is so pretty!!!
Unfortunately, I stink with the camera,totally stink!

IrelandBrady said...

My hubby recently made me a nice light box ... but its not collapsible so that wouldn't be of any help.

But have you checked out the EZcube light tent? they are incredible!


Magic Love Crow said...

My friend, I always take my pictures outside, in natural light. I know sometimes it's hard in the winter, when the sun isn't out, but I wait and then jump outside! LOL! It's worth it, I think ;o)

New End Studio said...

Thank You Everybody, I do like the blue green combo.

Thanks for the link, KA!

The natural not too bright sunshine is the best, I just can't coordinate with those days, either the sun is here or I'm not ready, oh well.

Linda said...

This is really great Gloria. I like the touch of whimsey. When I take photos I usually take the pictures in the house when the natural light is coming in through my large picture window. Believe it or not, it works.
Thank you for sharing.

New End Studio said...

Thanks, Linda! I agree with you, natural light, that's the best- if only we could have it when we need it :)