Mail With a Stamp = Something Good

So, with email and postage meters there aren't many actual lick and stick or peel and press postage stamps in my mailbox very often.  Years back I sponsored a boy through Christian Children's Fund and one of the things he asked for was postage stamps from my mail.  I was able to send him stamps frequently, and he told me how much he liked having them and seeing the art, the postmarks, the different currency values, sizes of stamps, etc. It was such a little thing to do, collecting the stamps and sending them to him, but I was happy to do it.  I sponsored him for nine years and often think of him and his situation.  His country is still under a dictatorship and if you aren't a member of the majority religion, you are persecuted for wanting and insisting on your freedoms.

When the latest batch of mail included an envelope with a little stamp on it, I thought, "here comes something nice" and I was right.

Stacy, a talented Canadian artist sent me this charming bookmark from her latest blog giveaway.  Isn't she sweet?  The crow and Stacy.  The bookmark is brighter in person, and the ribbons are all polka dotted!

Thank you, Stacy!  Take a little visit over to her Blog  and  Etsy shop.

When I get a postage stamp I save them to use in some little project.  Do you have a postage stamp story?


laurie said...

Stacy is one talented artist and such a sweet heart.She does beautiful work and is so generous.
I save stamps for my grandson, there are so many beautifulones.Through blogging i have met people from all over and when I recieve a card from them ialways treasure them.Your bookmark is lovely, Happy saturday to you my friend.

Lucy said...

What a cute bookmark, I usually use a receipt or the bookmark the store gives away,I like that bookmark.

I liked your postage story and I have never collected stamps. How sad about your sponsor child.
Like you, I do enjoy opening something with an actual stamp it tends to mean something personal.
Have a wonderful weekend :)

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh what a darling gift from Stacy! That was so sweet of her to send that to you!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Yeh, I am so happy you got your book mark ;o) She looks happy Gloria ;o) You must be treating her well ;o) Me sweet?? Never! LOL! Just my crows ;o) I have to admit, if I get a different stamp, I usually do keep it. They are fun to collect and make art out of. I bet the boy you sponsored loved your stamps!! Have a great weekend my friend ;o) Hugs ;o)

Camille Griffiths said...

That bookmark is so cute! I used to love getting mail. Now we are in the digital age and all I get in the mail are bills and things. I still have a collection of stamps with dogs on them from when I was young, I used to collect anything dog related!

New End Studio said...

Hi Laurie, oh I wish I had a bunch to send to your grandson, that's terrific that he enjoys them. Hope your weekend is going great!

Hi Lucy, I do feel for those children, they grow up and don't get to have the freedom and opportunities available here and other lands. He had a good heart and was intelligent, so I have always thought that he would be able to do the best considering.

Hi Cindy, yes Stacy loves sharing!

Hi Camille, that's great- I don't think I've ever seen stamps with dogs, how fun. I hear you on the bills ha ha.

Hey Stacy, she is keeping company in a new neightborhood now. She must like the weather down here, ha ha. Thanks a bunch, sweet lady.

Miss Val's Creations said...

Love the bookmark! Too cute! My dad had a neat stamp collection when I was young. I will have to ask him what he did with it!

Cindy F. Adkins said...

What a cute bookmark! I'm a follower of her blog and love her artwork. Have a good week!
Hugs, Cindy

New End Studio said...

Hi Val, she's a cutie; stamp collecting is probably waning big time- tfv!

Hi Cindy, she's smiling from the page, tfv!

Additionsstyle said...

Lucky you, what a cute bookmark. I love getting mail with stamps on it. I once ordered something from Thailand and it came in an envelope with stamps all over it. They were all so cool, I still have that envelope today.
Everyday Inspired

New End Studio said...

Hi Valerie, it's great to see the different styles of art on stamps, tfv!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

That's a sweet crow bookmark! I collected stamps since I was a child, up until a few years ago. I use the many duplicates or less than perfect stamps in art projects now--art cards, treasure boxes, etc. I like to think they live on to be enjoyed that way.

New End Studio said...

Hi Debbie, I'm starting to use my stamps as you are, too. It's hard to part with the pretty ones, but I have to learn to let go someday. TFV!