Venerable and Varied the Veracity of Versatility

Only 10,697 results found for versatile on ebay.  Here are just a few:

Item image
I agree, he was a music legend.

Item image
Pistol Rack
Could also be useful  as a
Taco Holder.

Condition: Used: An item that has been used previously.
CONDITION: EXCELLENT does not appear to have been used.  
Item image
Now, that's truly versatile both used and unused
at the same time!

Item image
The versatile purple white top turnip.
Finally, a versatile vegetable!

Item image
Entertainment category had a lot of versatile items!
Okay, why are there so many sad yet versatile items?
Item image
Versatile Record Company.
The name of the song is just too sad to be versatile.

Item image
Versatile Geod Epstilbite
This looks like a donut fail.
Item image
Seller with a double versatile vase .
Item image
The seller said there were 11 uses for this scarf but she only gave 4!
Can you come up with at least 12 uses?

Item image
The seller said these wooden napkin rings are Incredibly Versatile!


This post was in honor of winning The Versatile Blogger Award from Lucy's Reality,  Thank You, Lucy!
Lucy offers posts with a humorous and thought provoking point of view.  She's a former teacher, a mom, devoted daughter, and wife.

I know the rule is to pass the award on to 15 other bloggers and share some things about myself, but this time I am saying, You Bloggers,  you who know just how versatile you are, "Come take this award" and wear it with pride.  If you do, it'd be nice to know you, share your post with me, and my link to your post. (Now that wasn't confusing. It's the turnips, they look a little scary.)

Thank you, Lucy it's been a pleasure to get to know  you and share this.

Edit:  Since I first published this post, many of the original items have dropped off ebay, that's the reason for the images not appearing in the post.


Lucy said...

You are welcome and thanks for the mention,kind words and I have enjoyed meeting you too!

Now, that scarf, 12 uses, I keep shaking my head on that one?

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, this is so funny! Incredibly versatile wooden napkin rings! LOL!The scarf, you got me on that one? Maybe you can wear it as a tube top, or a belt? LOL! Congrats on the award ;o)

New End Studio said...

Proof in advertising, remember that phrase? ha ha I suppose the scarf could be used as a tube top, I wouldn't want to see that, though.

Thanks Lucy and thanks Stacy!

laurie said...

congrats on the award, these are some very good examples, I think?, lol, the scarf, I'm at a loss there for that many ways of using it and napkin rings,, hmmmmm,

Additionsstyle said...

Great post, what a fun way to pass along a blog award. Congrats on winning the Versatile Award.
Everyday Inspired

Cindy Adkins said...

Awww, how totally adorable! I love your post and I love the way you just gave it out--it will mean so much to your visitors!!! You are awesome!!!

Ed Pilolla said...

haha:) the versatile turnip is my fav:)
happy new year.

Chris said...

Congrats Gloria on the award. Love your new look blog and quiet an interesting selection of versitile

New End Studio said...

Thanks very much laurie, Valerie, Cindy, Ed, and Chris! That lamp has me wondering...

Thanks Chris, and thanks for seeing the new design. Glad you will be better very soon.

Katherines Corner said...

what a fun and creative post! Hugs!

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Gloria, Congrats on the award and what a wonderful way to share. Love all the pics you found. What fun and how creative you are.
Have a great weekend.

✿ⒹⒺⒺ✿@ A Lapin Life said...

Hi Gloria,

Congratulations on the award.

I liked the pistol rack also can be used as a taco holder. lol


New End Studio said...

TY Katherine, Celestina Marie, and Dee! It was fun to come up with a new approach and the taco holder just seemed right- :0