December 12, 2011

Fresh Art Mother and Baby Mixed Media

This was made by me a couple of months ago.  I've used acrylic paints, pencils, and clippings along with calendar images, and it's about 5x7 inches.  I'm out of synch with routines due to health concerns, and now the holidays are here so I thought I'd show you this before it gets lost in the vagueness of time and clutter.  Whoops.

My Christmas tree never made it out of the garage and into the parlor last week.  It will definitely come inside and get decorated this week.  It's so cold and lonely out in the garage, sniff.

The colors in the image are a little more vibrant than the actual piece.  I see a few different ideas running in this, what do you see?


Craftymoose Crafts said...

The image is lovely & reminds me of The Nativity.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Gloria ;o) I am glad I checked back with this post, because when I first tried, I couldn't get to your blog. I am sorry you are still having health issues!
I like how bright this painting is. I agree with Deb, it reminds me of the Nativity. Beautiful!
Big Hugs and be well ;o)

Cindy said...

Very interesting piece! Yes, is that the three wise men along the right-hand side? Thank you for visiting my blog via "the other Cindy Adkins!" I'm your newest follower!

Lucy said...

I am sorry to hear you are ill and hope things turn around soon!

I so enjoy your artwork and this one makes me think of the nativity and the fact that Jesus was born in the Middle East, not the picture many of us think of typically!

New End Studio said...

Thanks Deb, Stacey, Cindy, and Lucy. This does have an element of the Nativity, the love theme runs all through this. I like that you have all seen similar things in this.

I'm back for another dr appt this week. Hope to get some answers and relief soon. I'm somewhat better, not completely and not continuously, but hanging in. Thanks for all the well wishes.

Welcome to Cindy! Please check out her blog, too. The carols are replaying thanks to her blog posts, and I like the choices so far!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh my gosh, what a stunning piece! And I also hope that you will be feeling better. I just had oral surgery yesterday and am in alot of pain...so, I can really relate to not feeling well. I pray that you will be fine soon.

New End Studio said...

Oh Cindy, take all your meds and try to think that once healed, you are going to be feeling totally well! I'm sorry you're in pain, the mouth in pain is extra sensitive. I'll ask for a quick recovery for you. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers, too. Also, thanks for the nice comments on the blog headers and this new piece of art.

Hugs, Gloria.