Sunday Straphanger Vermont

Part of the beauty of New England are
the covered bridges, beautiful autumn foliage, mountains, and maple syrup.
Churches around the green.

At  one of the stops we made in Vermont before driving back to NJ, I saw these bottles of honey in bear shaped bottles on a shelf.  The photo doesn't show the way the sunlight was shining  through the honey casting a glow and making a unique design across the floor.  These bear shaped bottles are a tradition in stores across the USA, though through different makers.

These little bears are lined up like miniature Chinese stone soldiers, but much sweeter and less fierce than them.  The honey must have been all warm and perfect for squeezing, as the sun shined on them.   Oh, Pooh!  Yes, I just had to say it.

(This post was automatically published while I'm away from the computer due to vertigo.  Hoping to return very soon.)


Craftymoose Crafts said...

These are beautiful images typical of a lot of places in the Northeast. The covered bridge is a favorite and those sweet honey bears are just waiting for the next cup of tea! Hope you feel better soon, Gloria.

Additionsstyle said...

Lovely photos, it looks so beautiful and relaxing. I hope you feel better soon.
Everyday Inspired

Magic Love Crow said...

My friend, I hope you feel better soon! I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of New England! Gorgeous! Love maple syrup and honey! Yummy!

New End Studio said...

Thanks for stopping by- this brief trip to Vermont gave me some happy memories, happy to share the photos.

Hettienne said...

How are you feeling? What a lovely post! How do you do it automatically? amazing!