November 8, 2011

Muse in a Brown Paper Package

I'd like to share this  beautiful shadowbox with you.  Hettienne is the artist and her blog  showcases her inspiring attitude, zest for life , and  beliefs in creative ways.  For a few months I've participated in the weekly art theme challenges at Inspiration Avenue.  The team members have Etsy shops, including Hettienne.   I don't have an Etsy shop, but the theme challenges  are open to anyone.  I was welcomed at IA's theme weeks even though I've only just started to try and make the things which flutter through my brain before they disappear.  They mostly don't turn out the way my mind's eye sees them, but I try.

Back to business, Inspiration Avenue celebrated their recent milestone, having 500 followers and the blog party included several giveaways.  I was surprised and very lucky to have received a winning draw and the shadowbox was my gift.  Yahoo!  (They didn't invent that expression. lol)

Brown Paper Package with Beautiful Image

South African stamps, I'm saving these to use in a project!

The first thing I see is the card and the blue bag.  Inside the bag is a detailed description of the shadowbox, the creative process, the components, and the love that went into making the box.
Carefully Opening the Box.

Here is the big TA DA!

It's beautiful, the little book in the corner is an actual little book with blank pages.  There's my teacup and saucer, a locket which opens, my pearls, Cinderella's shoe, and more.  The birds almost made me cry as my Mom had a love for birds and my Dad made birdhouses.  They have both passed away and this art box is a perfect reminder of some happy times with them.  

I've been lax with things and seeing this lovely Muse with all the soothing yet inspiring elements will keep me company.  For now she's on a shelf above my desk.  A perfect place.  Thank you very much Hettienne you have a creative gift and thank you so much for sharing.  Yahoo indeed.


Hettienne said...

Dear Gloria, thank you for this lovely 'thank you'. I was thrilled that you won this shrine as your visits to my blog always touched my heart with your insightful and caring comments! So many birds in this shrine - it was obviously meant for you. May She inspire you daily! I had a good laugh myself at that clear 'junk' on the recycled box lol!

❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀@ A Lapin Life said...

That is a wonderful and beautiful well made gift. The details are fantastic! Your a lucky girl to have won.


Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, wow!! You lucky girl! What a beautiful gift you won! It's very special! (Let me know what gave you the heebeegeebees on my list?) Take Care ;o)

New End Studio said...

Thanks for stopping by, yes Hettienne made this shadowbox and Stacy's aceos also made me a lucky girl.

Erin O'Riordan said...