Tell Me About It

Growing Old With Grace passed out an award and she gave it to me (Thank You, Grace!) and 14 other bloggers.  I'm supposed to tell 7 things about myself and give the award to 15 bloggers.

Okay, here goes... 

1.  Ten fingers and ten toes. Two eyes and two ears.  One nose. Two feet, one left and one right.

2.  East Coast born and raised.

3.  Dual citizenship. By choice. And by birth ( forgot to state that.)

4.  Green thumb.  99% of the time.
5.  Trying to make the best of things while struggling to keep my eyesight and other health issues.

6.  Tea drinker.  Chocolate eater.  Sometimes together.  Delicious.

7.  Hate to dust.  When given a knick knack as a present, feign delight while thinking, "Where can I put this   waste of money so it won't get dusty and they won't miss seeing it?"  Or, "How long do I have to keep         this before it's safe too throw it away/give to charity shop/ regift to someone who might actually like          it?"  Then feel all kinds of guilt over such thoughts.  Trying to remember to be thankful in all things!  Ack those spaces are not on purpose and won't disappear!
It's my pleasure to list, in random order, the fifteen blogs who get this award.  Just copy and paste the award image to your blog and list your seven things about yourself.  Pass the award on, too.  It would be really nice if you would visit Grace, read some of her heartfelt and often, funny posts, maybe even follow her blog. Check out her list of bloggers, too.

  1. The Krafty Cupcake                                       
  2. Craftymoose Crafts
  3. Magic Love Crow
  4. Golden Lilly Crafts
  5. The Honey From the Bee
  6. Melody Mae
  7. Sunshine Shelles
  8. Tea Diary
  9. A Lapin Life
  10. Whimsical Musings
  11. Dion Dior and More
  12. Graceys Goodies
  13. Tracey Fletcher King
  14. Sweets and Shutterclicks
  15. Priti Studio


melody-mae said...

aw, how sweet are you to pass this on to me! I am going to take some time to check out some of these sweet blogs as well!!! Happy Halloween my dear!

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, thank you so much!!! This is such an honor...You are a doll! Thank you so much for this beautiful award~ XO

♥ Miss Tea said...

awww thanks for the lovely award! it's nice to know a little bit about you and we have something in commong there! tea drinker and choc eater!! though i wish i had a green thumb like you!

x susan

The Krafty Cupcake said...

Thank you so much. I am really touched that you have thought of me. I am the same with the dodgy ornament situation! Sue x

Sunshineshelle said...

Woo, just learnt more than a little about you which was fun to read... now thank you for the award, I think I feel a post coming on ;) (soon promise)!!!!

Janet Bocciardi said...

Thank you very much for the honor! I do think it's a really cool thing to do - gets one to thinking about things to share.

Magic Love Crow said...

Thanks for the award Gloria ;o) I have to post this one and another too! I am behind in things again! LOL! Great to learn some more things about you my friend ;o)

❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀@ A Lapin Life said...

WOW! Thanks so much for this wonderful and thoughtful award.

It was nice to read all the wonderful things about you Gloria. How awesome to have dual citizenship.


priti.lisa said...

Hi Gloria...I totally identify with #7. With gifts in general. Which is why we don't do that anymore around here. I was always feeling guilty about the money they spent. And wondering why they didn't know me better. What a relief not to have presents to open!
But I still love to give them...:D
Thank you for gifting me. With this award. Really, I am flattered. I just realized how my comment looked :/

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

I am beyond thrilled that you added me to your wonderful list and I am immensely grateful that you enjoy my blog... so touched by this... I am actually lost for words, which may be a first xx

Cindy Adkins said...

Oh wow, thank again so much for this blog award and for putting my button on your sidebar!! You are a doll!

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thank you so much for passing on this award! It is so much fun to learn more about each other like this and find how similar we are!

New End Studio said...

Thanks everyone for playing along and stopping by with your kind words. I'll be visiting soon.

I wish I had listed some funny lines as some of you did on your blogs. It was fun to read your posts.