Remembering a Day September 11, 2001 Aceo

September 11, 2001.
My collage and mixed media aceo.

Physical wounds and gaping spaces may yet not be healed in hearts, bodies, and landscapes.
We determine to get on with ordinariness and still not forget.

Here's my older post with World Trade Center photos. 


Sunshineshelle said...

Very sad day, so many innocent people and to what end, your aceo is amazing, stark & thoughtful, the person you incorporated, I think it individualises the tragedy, gives it a human face.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gloria, what a thoughtful aceo! Such a horrible event that happened! So many people that died. Blessings to you and to everyone!

New End Studio said...

Thanks Shelle and Stacy. What a time for people who died and who lost their loved ones and for the country. The world was attacked, so much has changed.