What's Doing Wednesday? Bookmarks and Giveaway

I think it's okay to post these as all of the recipients probably have received them by now.  When I packaged up the books for the Giveaway Winners, I decided to make some bookmarks to send along.  This was my first time making bookmarks, and I learned a thing or two (actually more) in the process.  I may try making them in the future, as long as kindles and ebooks don't make a real, honest to goodness, in your hand/lap/table, etc. book
with texture, and heft disappear!


Heavy paper, patterned paper, clippings, pages from a book of children's stories, string, and beads.


Christmas card fronts,  stencilled and painted, with a ribbon attached in between two matching shapes.

Different colors and shapes for different moods.  Next time, ribbon instead of string.  I didn't have any ribbon to suit, and used what I had on hand.  I'm drawn to navy blue, so that was the basis and the rest followed.

Susan shared the Giveaway on her blog Tea Diary.  I always forget to take a photo of what I send, so I hope she doesn't mind me sharing the photo from her blog post:
She has a pretty blog, shares her love of tea and thrifting,  and other things.


angelself said...

Great bookmarks! What a nice personal touch =) Kathryn

New End Studio said...

Thanks Kathryn!