Feels Like it Should be a Sunday this 'n that and more

Feels like Spring Cleaning for me, I'm giving a little makeover to the blog and if Picnik would stop being persnickety,  I would've finished the fixes, but it's not meant to be.  (If you haven't tried Picnik yet, it's great!) You know when you get aggravated and the bad energy just gets spread all around, well that's it in a nutshell.

We have had bad news all week, my cousin passed away, my husband's cousin also passed away and another relative of his, has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  Plus, a neighbor also passed away a few days ago.    

Lucy did not make things easy for us, she required a vet visit and 3 prescriptions after her two night stay in the kennel.  The vet said Lucy had stressed herself over being away from us.  In earlier posts I wrote about how we got her and what she went through, Lucy is a velcro dog and has abandonment issues.

I'm counting my blessings, well, not counting, but feeling thankful and trying to manage with the personal and world wide news and the trickle down and trickle wide splashes that I can't do anything about, and still I care.    The earthquake is another of those surprises this week.  It swayed my computer monitor back and forth and rumbled a bit, but nothing else.  Still, it was weird and I'm glad that it wasn't worse for those closer to the epicenter.  

On a lighter note, this is the blog's 200th post, I only noticed that before I started typing.  Nothing to mark the occasion , the makeover I suppose, but I've done those several times before.  I made the favicon, and it seems so teeny tiny, I don't know what the fuss was about, maybe it's bigger to your eyes.  When Picnik is working well for me again, I'll fix the banner, it seems a bit blurry, or it could just be that I've been staring at the monitor too long.   Did you ever hear someone say, "blood will be shooting out of my eyes?"  

So, it feels like it should be a Sunday, my head is other places, extra praying required what with the world news and everything else.  Tomorrow on to other things, keeping in mind the blood in my eye situation.  No, I'm not kidding.

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Additionsstyle said...

Sorry to hear about all the losses you have experienced lately!

Glad you hear you are all well after the earthquake, and you blog is looking good.

Take care of yourself,
Everyday Inspired

New End Studio said...

Thanks, Valerie; things are always changing it's just that it'd be nice if they didn't happen all at the same time. No complaints, just stepping back to breathe before jumping back in. Enjoyed your vacation photos!