July 20, 2011

What's Doing Wednesday? Childhood Dances Aceo

Flowers, music, and shorts although in this aceo it's the boys wearing the shorts learning a dance.  This reminds me of childhood, having to learn dances for school fairs and plays.  Anyone remember the Maypole Dance?  We had a school fair centered around Spring and later in the year we had to learn how to Square Dance!  Now, that was a true adventure and the teacher was persistent even through the hysterics.  Please don't ask me to do-si-do!

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♥ Miss Tea said...

ooh reminds me of my childhood though different type of dance and gear as we werent thought of the Maypole Dance, love your Aceo, so vintage looking :)

New End Studio said...

Thanks Miss Tea! Yes I was thinking of older times, with kids learning dance, I don't think this happens much nowadays.

Notelets By Design said...

OMG the "May Pole" how could I forget those days of pink faced embarrassment? - ah, those were indeed the days.

New End Studio said...

Winding the ribbons always made someone braid the wrong way, funny at the time!