Sunday Straphanger High Point, NJ

In the northern part of NJ, High Point has the highest elevation in the state, (aptly named) and when the weather is clear you can see into three states.

The obelisk resembles the Washington Monument.  We visited on a crisp autumn day, with a touch of snow on the rocks which the sun hadn't melted.   Another visit in the summer with the trees framing the monument from my walk through the park.

Watching the sunset and the colors change in the sky.


♥ Miss Tea said...

Beautiful sunset and love the obelisk, so majestic! lovely photos you took! Thank you for the gifts i recieved on friday! thank you as well for the birthday bookmarks and the cute ribbons, have a beautiful day!


New End Studio said...

Thanks for the compliments on the photos! You're very welcome, glad you received everything safe and sound!