Dear o-Ann Fa r and raft Stores

"Interrupting the Sunday Straphanger series for a little legitimate and needed venting."

Letter to corporate officers of Jo-Ann Stores follows:

"Dear o-Ann Fa r   and  raft Stores,

The ast t me   e ked, t e USA and ot er Eng  s  speak ng  ountr es made use of a  26 etters n the a p abet.  n fa t,
w erever Eng s s used, a  26 etters are earned.  T s s mere y a    e on my part.

So, f you an read t  s, p ease respond.  t's a s me t at you are se   ng t ese produ ts to t e pu i and espe ia  y market ng t em n your new Tea  er's and S  oo s a s es!

A rep y wou d e appre  ated.  D re t your exp anat on to me ere.  T ank you."


This is what writing with all letters of the alphabet at my disposal looks like.  The above letter to Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores is with all the missing letters from the package.  "B, C, H, I, J, and L"

It is not a mistake on Jo-Ann's part.  The package says there are 48 pieces and there are, they include numbers and punctuation.  The 48 pieces plus the 6 missing letters would be 54 pieces.

Outsourcing, is that the problem?  Come on, Jo-Ann, get it together and learn your ABC's!  Plus, this product is being marketed to teachers in their new store design.  There are now several aisles of products for students and teachers.  This was in one of those aisles.  To bring in these products, many others have been left out.

I asked a store employee for just a regular stencil sheet, and she told me to go to a competitor.  Thanks, I should have.  This isn't the first time Jo-Ann employees have suggested a competitor.  Overall, the people who work at the store are very helpful.  I've witnessed them going "the extra mile" to anyone who needs help.  This is good customer service.  Sometimes, they have that, "deer in the headlights look" when they are asked about something, usually a product or brand.  It must be overwhelming at times keeping up with the large product line and the constant rearranging going on in the store.

For the past six months or more, they have been leaving off the overhead lights in some of the areas of the store.  It's practically twilight in some of the aisles.  When my eyes can't take the strain any longer, I just give up and leave without purchasing.  I blame Jo-Ann corporate and the changes in product line, missing quality of products, trying to save money by keeping the store semi-dark, etc.   I'm not looking forward to the 15 mile drive, one way, to the store to return this.   The images are the best ones I could make with the scanner, sorry for the foggy appearance.


Clare said...

That's a great letter you've written, makes the point beautifully!
It'd be hilarious if it weren't also so frustrating!

Honkus Grogana said...

I tried to read the first letter 3 times before I continued on and saw what the deal was! Yes, those letters are indispensable!

New End Studio said...

"- know! - wonder -ow -ong t-ey w--- -gnore t--s and keep rak-ng -n t-e money?"

-ou-dn't res-st, t--s -ou-d -e -ontag-ous! -a -a -a!
Thanks Clare and Honkus!