Awake and Somewhat Alert Snow Photo to Cool the Heat

Snow Hug
It's hot, humid, and hot outside.  Here's a reminder of the good old snow days that will be here before we have put away our summer clothes.

There's been a little trouble with my computer of late, it was in for fixing a few days last week.  It's been threatening to go kaput (again) with the "blue screen" and early, early before the birds are up and singing which is at 4:20am until the clocks go forward an hour, last Thursday, just after I sent an email to a friend and made a blog post about technology and then decided not to post it- turned off the system and awoke later in the morning to find that husband had taken the tower in to the shop.  Karma about that unposted piece, I suppose.

I had written too long a post scheduled to publish last Sunday, and incorporated too many topics, and so I have removed that post.  If anyone read it, bless you- if you can remember what I'm suggesting. 

Have you heard of "Google Alerts"?  I never thought to sign up for them,  didn't see what significance there could be for little me.  Well, after hearing more about these alerts, I decided to sign up and found out why these alerts can be of service to us.  That's the main reason for the Sunday post removal.  It was hijacked and kind of makes a person, me,  feel sick, but there's little that can be done, if anything, to prevent such things.   So, if you got this far and I still make sense to you- great- it's been a rough week for me in different ways.   I guess I'll divide that long Sunday post and change the title and repost.  Have you ever been hijacked and what did you do if anything  to safeguard?

ETA:  Just when I thought it was safe, now the memory card reader and brand new card are finito.  I lost all my photos on the tower, twice; I can't tell you how horrible that is.  I had a full memory card and all those photos are gone, too.   Will try and find a way to make this work, somehow, someway.

2nd ETA:  Have moved on from the problems and found a way around them.  Also, Google Alerts were updating regularly, but have been glitchy for a few months.  


NoteletsByDesign said...

Awwwww! That's adorable!

New End Studio said...

Thanks, Notelets!