June 22, 2011

What's Doing Wednesday? Native American Inspired Aceo

Completed ACEO in Shop

Back in high school for extra credit in one of my Social Studies classes, I beaded and embrodiered a large shawl with symbols which represented various Native American words.  My teacher knew a little about the subject, so he recognized that my designs were from tribes scattered across the USA, and not from our own state.  He said he would hold that against me in the grade, but his conscience conceded that I had done a heck of a good job and he was impressed with my efforts.  

I thought about that lost shawl while I was making this aceo.  I remember how difficult it was to locate the information I needed about the original Americans.  The tribes far to the west were more interesting to me than the local tribes.  I was looking for adventure, not familiarity!                                                                                     


angelself said...

Great ACEO Gloria! All things Native American fascinate me =) Kathryn

New End Studio said...

Thanks Kathryn!