June 12, 2011

Sunday Straphanger St. Michaels Mount, England

St. Michaels Mount

Hoping the rain would be light, we left the seashore at low tide and walked across the wet sands to climb
the steps up to the top of St. Michael's Mount.

Travelling in Britain means hooded raincoats and umbrellas close at hand. 

We got a little damp in the crossing and then had a tour of the buildings and grounds before we had to hurry up and hoof it back before the tide and the clouds became too rough.

Sometimes it's a whirlwind of opening times and making transport connections.  But it's all worth the effort for the wind and the rain make memorable travel companions!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

That looks so awesome! I'd love to do that!

New End Studio said...

You'd love it!

aquariann said...

If I ever get to go to Britain, St. Michael's Mount is on my list of places to visit. How amazing!

New End Studio said...

Misty, magical, historical...lots of places to visit on the Enchanted Isles. You're going to find a lot to see.

Megan said...

i visited there about 10 years ago. It was amazing, something out of a story book.

New End Studio said...

Glad to hear from you again! Ten years- now it's time to go back? I want to.