May 29, 2011

Sunday Straphanger Wales

A little Sunday afternoon walk with my uncle was actually an eight mile roundtrip saunter over fields, down leafy lanes, past horses, sheep, and cows.  Climbing over stiles was a new experience for me.  I kept asking if it was okay for us to be walking over fields where animals were grazing.  The answer of course, was it was okay, and permitted, because some of these are, "Public Footpaths" in Britain.

We minded the rights of the land holders and kept out of the way of the animals.  Some of them found us, or my camera, interesting.  Not raised in the city, nor the rural country, but having known both, I thought this was going to be fun, messy, and memorable.  Since I tried to watch where I stepped, messy didn't become a problem.


After the walk got to be too tiring for my uncle's granddaughter, she hitched a piggy back ride a few times.  His grandson wanted to make friends with the horses and he had that enthusiasm that was good to remember. 

Luckily for us, the famous Welsh rain held off for most of the walk and we were only sprinkled with a few rain drops for a minute or so.  Back home, feet up, to enjoy hot cocoa and biscuits!    

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