Covergirl Lucy An Adoption Story

What a face, she is almost impossible to photograph without getting a blurry image, and she actually kept still for more than a second.     Since I like black and white movies and photos, I played around with my very basic software photo editing and turned her yellow with red and cream highlighted fur into what you see.    
Lucy wants to say a few things about herself: 

Hi, I'm Lucy and I'll be ten years old in December.  I am young at heart and paws.  Most of my life I was alone in a crate in a small room from very early morning until hours after dark came.  I barked a lot because I wanted someone to find me and let me out to stretch my legs, and to say hello or give me some water, but no one came. 

When I was a puppy I thought there was going to be lots of interesting stuff to do, but my person was busy, day after day, for years.  She worked, went to college, had a boyfriend, and did stuff that kept her busy.  She had to do those things, I know, but I was alone most of the time.  

Something that's taken a couple of years for me to get over is that her boyfriend's father hurt me.  I started to act out and he even hurt me in front of her and that was the last straw for me.  If I didn't have a new home soon, I wasn't going to exist any more, you know what I mean?  I don't like to think of that, it's sad and scary.  

She tried to find me a new home, but no one wanted me and they kept giving me back to her.  They said I was big and loud and I am not THAT big, and I am very stealthlike.  I can jump on the bed and wouldn't even wake you up.  I catch a quick nap on the couch sometimes, but mostly I have to lay on my pillow or my bed.  It's all good, I can sleep anywhere.  My new lady two legger can't believe how delicate my sleeping sounds are.  Sometimes I know when she is watching me to see if I am really breathing, I never snore, I am a very quiet sleeper.  Very serene and ladylike, I am. 

Getting back to how I got to be on this blog...
eventually I was photographed without knowing why, no birthday party or anything like that and my single two legger with the bad boyfriend's father, well, she posted my photo on a website. 

My people saw me on something called,                                 "Craigslist." They brought me to their home and gave me freedom to run around the yard and the whole house, not just a dinky dark room.   I recommend that listy place to find a dog or cat, there are a lot of us on it who need help from big hearted people who have room for one more. 
Come to think of it, maybe I don't like to have my photo taken because of maybe being put on a list again (shudder.)   "Two legger here, don't worry Lucy- you're not going on any list anytime I am around!"   YAY!!!  I'm dancing and licking!!!  Whoopee!

My likes are walks in the park or anywhere outside, rides in the car, spicy food, playing with my cheetah print and fleecy ball, and wearing my snazzy new pink collar with a coordinating halter and leash.  I'm a snow bunny who doesn't just look good in a parka, I love romping in the snow and wouldn't mind sharing a spot by a warm fire with a non-Alpha male who is genuine and shares my interests.  Being a home loving pet doesn't mean I don't have a brain, though.  I have expressive eyes and can tilt my head like nobody's business.  Of course, I don't always get my way, where's the reward and fun in that?  Next time... 

My dislikes are few:  I don't like being alone and I don't like loud noises.  I am so not high maintenance!  I don't think I am, anyway.

I have to be honest, I don't just like spicy food, I like ALL FOOD!   I had to lose five pounds  last summer, and I did that by having extra walkies.  I am now back at my near best and shapliest weight.  Darn winter icestorms kept me from some of my walkies! 

My people let me try foods I never smelled or tasted before, but they don't like the pools of drool I make.  I can't help it, I am enjoying my new home and I get excited about lots of new tastes!  I even have real bowls to eat and drink from.  I only had empty Cool Whip bowls before and they used to flip over all the time.  I don't like that name,  a whip- that hurts, it's so not cool.
If you want to go out with me, be prepared to walk fast and hit the buffet (called the cabinet with lots of goodies in bags and jars- I'll share because I am so sweet.)   The mail lady gives me a biscuit whenever we meet on the road.  Note to Leo, I'm walking your way again tomorrow.  Control yourself, all that barking is not attractive.

I have been with my new people since January 2009, they deserve a medal for putting up with me!  I didn't know how to behave and they showed me what was okay and not okay.  Now we are all okay together and getting better every day.  I'm just being me and helping my lady two legger, she misses her #1 Pet so much, we don't replace each other, pets you know, we are one more to love.  We laugh a lot and love each other.  I am so happy to be here and here's a big LICK from me!   Does a pet love you, too?

Love from Lucy XXX000


The Krafty Cupcake said...

What a beautiful dog Lucy is! It saddens and angers me so much that people can be so cruel. I have 3 wonderful dogs and couldn't imagine being horrible to any one of them. They are my friends and deserve to have a fabulous life as much as any human or any other animal. Sue x

Gracey is not my name.... said...

That is very sweet...good on you for rescuing Lucy and lots of love to Lucy

flyingbeader said...

Oh Lucy, what a very lucky dog you are to have found a wonderful new home. Your new people love you so much!

from three Scotties who luckily haven't had the former life you have

Fiona, Frodo, and Arwen

New End Studio said...

Lucy says hello to everyone!

To Sue, she thanks you most sincerely for seeing her true beauty! (Not modest.) She wishes that the courts would have much stronger laws against animal cruelty. She is grateful for her new outlook on life and knows that you are heaping lots of love on your 3 furpals! Kisses back to all of you!

To Not Gracey, Lucy is waving her paw and wagging her tail at you! Thanks for all the love!

To Fiona, Frodo, and Arwen's lady two legger, Wow, you guys have a built in pack. What's your neighborhood walk like? Look out for the Scottie Posse! Here's a happy dance for flyingbeader!

TheFrogBag said...

Aww, what a great story with a happy ending! One rescue dog here too... Literally here, with her head on my lap, and 4 rescue cats. Does that make a pack? ;)

New End Studio said...

Hey Frog Bag lady, you're the leader of your 6-pack! Thanks for being their friend, too! Yay, more rescued!

Lucy XO

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest Gloria,

Came to thank you for your visit and comment on my Lace Crocheted (Bridal) Handkerchief. Thanks!
But I had to read this story... What a genuine LOVE. So glad Lucy found you and is now living a happy life with her new human parents that shelter her and care for her all the way.
We too have taken cats from the Humane Society; two and we did rescue and bring home a beautiful cat from Acapulco that lived in the gardens of the hotel. She was pregnant though and we kept all five of her babies. Somebody must have kidnapped the mama cat while we were at Church. We did grief about her for a long, long time. Still miss her, she was the most special pet I've ever met and than suddenly she's gone.
Let's hope that more people do come to their senses and start treating their pets with respect.
Love to you,

New End Studio said...

Thank you so much, Mariette ♥ Lucy is settled with us, there were moments of frustration, but her early years were meant to be overcome. That's wonderful that you rescued the garden cat, and for someone to take her from her happy home with you is beyond understanding. I know what you mean about grieving the loss. Thanks for stopping by and sharing, it means a lot to me. ♥