What's Doing Wednesday? Aceo

Still organizing the craft stuff here and thinking about how life is going to change, hopefully, for the better.  Husband and I have plans which will uproot us once again.  One of these days, if all goes well with the paperwork, I'll have a wonderful post for a Wednesday share.  That news is probably many months away.

This aceo is nearly finished.  The gentleman is a dear relative and the joke is on me. 

I've learned to see humor where none exists, if only to keep putting one foot in front of the other...to keep going and to enjoy the moment.  Do you have something you do to keep you grounded or to help you endure the stormy seas so as not to get shipwrecked?  Know what I mean?


Megan said...

I do the laundry...one routine that doesn't change...and gives you a few minutes to just breathe.

New End Studio said...

If I hear grumbling in the morning, it's DH looking for stuff I rearranged the night before! Routine is like meditation, it's good.