Distracted and Delighted Organizing and Saving Tips

Yesterday I went to the craft store to return an item which had a container which was really difficult to open, I figured I would be annoyed with this every time I wanted to use it, so I intended to return it for a different brand.  I left the store without even looking for a replacement!  Do you ever do that- get distracted by all of the other items and the ideas start to flow and then when you get home or in the car and that's when you remember what you were going to buy in the first place?

I spent far too long in the craft store.  I couldn't remember if I had certain items and took a lot of time picking out what I thought I wanted, only to put them back since I was frustrated with the choices available.  I often buy what I don't really want to try to make it fit my needs.   Or, buy something because it might come in handy, and then don't use it.
egg cups holders

The good thing with all of this wasted time was that today I have been sorting out boxes, drawers, and jars and finding things I'd forgotten about!  That saved me money from yesterday's store trip, but I still have more stuff than I'll probably ever use.  Since I sorted a bit today, I can now return two things I bought yesterday as I found some I already have.

I found some embrodiery threads with price tags so low, leftover lace from my bridal veil, snippets from old clothes and hats, and bits and pieces of sentimental value.  It was sad to look back,  and yet uplifting to remember some happy times.

My embrodiery hoops are now hanging from a tension rod at the top of a closet,  embrodiery threads are sorted in a see through box,  paint brushes are in cups ready for using, transfers and books are on the shelf...but so much more to sort through!

I wanted to take a photo, but this morning the batteries quit on me and I didn't charge the next set.  We had snow again, it's so boring talking about the endless winter, so I stopped telling you.  But, the batteries gave out when I was photographing the snow winding its way around the tree as if it was a whipped cream piping.  Here's a little savings tip:  I tried these rundown batteries in my portable radio and remotes and they work fine, there is a little juice left in them for a lower use item.


Sunshineshelle said...

In the days of old I used to run out of film in my camera... yep, it's batteries now LOL, oh for some organisation ;)

The Krafty Cupcake said...

I too have a seriously bad habit of buying items I donot need but 'must' have only to never use! It's good you have managed to sort your items into some kind of order. Mine is organised chaos! Sue x