Where Did This Come From?

I'm trying to get my stuff out of boxes and organized, to let go of a little procrastination at a time.  My husband assembled the table and I moved some carts out of the closet.  The new table is very much smaller than the second hand office desk, but I am glad that big, heavy desk is out of the house and is now in the garage.  If no one buys it, I'm calling the Habitat for Humanity store, "Restore," to pick it up.  I've donated a bunch of stuff to the store, but I'd like to get something for the desk, if not, goodbye and hope you find a new home somewhere else.

I bought another old spice rack at the charity shop.  This time I went a little wild with the paint, my other ones are solid blue and solid white:

Where did this wild streak come from?  I must be trying to escape the current round of ice and snow with brighter colors on my mind, especially after visiting lots of cheerful blogs during the OWOH event. 

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The Krafty Cupcake said...

It's always good to have a bit of colour, to lighten the mood. Especially with the 'blandness' (is that a word?) of the snow and ice. Sue x