Tried a Bunch, Found One That Worked Curel

I've tried a bunch of products for dry skin and not one has helped heal the dry skin on my hands until I found this:

Hand and Cuticle Therapy by Curel.
I don't have before and after photos of my hands, but I can tell you this, "I don't have  bleeding knuckles all winter long anymore."  Since the heat comes on in the house anytime between September-October and is on usually until late April or early May, I have used all types of products from different brands and none have worked for me until I found this product.

I was getting a little desperate for a solution since my hands are in water often- washing dishes being the biggest reason for my bleeding knuckles.  My right hand is under water more than my left and it was feeling the pain.  Using Band-Aids and Neosporin to try and heal my knuckles was not working for me.  It was a continuous cycle I wasn't winning.

This is what I did:  dotted the cream on my knuckles and rubbed it in both hands each and every time I washed my hands, showered, washed dishes, etc.  I also used it before bedtime.  After 4 days I noticed the redness was considerably lessened.  After 7 days I didn't use the product each time my hands were washed.  It got to be that I forgot to use the product on some days.

I appreciate that this is not greasy, or icky feeling.  The fragrance could
be a little lighter for my preference, but it doesn't have a very strong odor.  Plus, a tiny drop goes a long way.  If the product continues to be sold, the formula still is effective, and the fragrance doesn't get stronger - I will continue to buy it.  The package states that it is made in the USA.  Products come and go so fast these days.  Some of my favorites have disappeared, haven't yours?    

Just wanted to add, I found this Curel cream after reading lots of product labels and decided to try this one.  It cost about $5.00 or so, I forget the exact amount.  No one told me about the product and I am not reviewing it except for the fact that I wanted to share it with you.  Next, I'm using it on my left elbow, which I seem to lean on a lot at the desk and my poor elbow needs some attention, too. 

Do you have a dry skin product that works for you?


The Krafty Cupcake said...

It's great to find out some products actually work. I have always suffered from dry skin, especially on the hands (I could file woodwork down with mine, they get so dry!) I found a product in Lush, called 'Lemony Flutter' quite a small pot but lasts forever! Works on all dry spots. Even the heels on your feet, usually after just 2 applications! The only downside is it is a bit on the greasy side, although it has never marked my clothing. Well worth a try though. Sue x

New End Studio said...

Thanks, Sue, that sounds like something to look for, I like the name, Lemony Flutter.

SisterBatik said...

I wonder if they have this brand in the UK?

I tend to use Elizabeth Arden 8 hour rescue on really dry and cracked skin. Otherwise - my daily use hand cream is Nivea Smooth nourishing which I found has worked for me.


Micki said...

Sounds like a great product!

flyingbeader said...

I work in a hospital lab & so I wear gloves & wash my hands all the time. The only thing that works for me is L'Octane's Shea Butter hand creams. It is not greasy & usually will last through a couple hand washings. I found out about this through some of the Doctor's in ER who wash their hands constantly while examining patients. It works well for me & though a little pricey, the tube last for awhile. I sometimes get it in Lavender scent to make me happy.

Megan said...

St. Ives Whipped Silk is my all time favorite...Kroger generic brand is actually pretty good...i don't know if you have kroger up there...

Sunshineshelle said...

Pleased it's working so well, sore bleeding fingers and/or greasy ones make it harder to create, it's fantastic this works ;)

New End Studio said...

These are all great recommendations.

Megan: I've used St. Ives products face cleansers, masks,etc. but not that new Whipped one.

Dot: I've always meant to try shea butter products, but didn't like the scents-lavender smells nice, though.

Sister Batik: I don't think it would be sold under the same name, their website has links to their worldwide brands. Nivea is an established name, I've tried different items and the Elizabeth Arden one, I haven't tried that one yet.

Micki: Hiya!

Sunshineshelle: Yes, I don't want to touch anything when they are sore, gets me out of washing dishes LOL.

CreekHiker / HollysFolly said...

I like Norwegian formula fisherman's hand cream or Nivea cream in the blue jar (around 7 bucks for a pound at Walmart)

When I'm really dry, I use straight glycerine from the drugstore. Yes it's greasy but it works!

My biggest problem is my lips... and the best thing I've found is pricy but the $12.50 item usually lasts about a year and a half. So..I guess it's not that bad. Their body butter is REALLY nice too! http://www.archipelago-usa.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductName=Grapefruit%20Lip%20Butter

Thanks for your comments on my blog... I've worked in film so long, I've seen people fired for so many stupid reasons! I guess it never crossed my mind as strange! LOL!

New End Studio said...

CreekHiker: I've looked at that Nivea blue jar umpteen times, I think I bought it once a while ago. I have heard about using glycerine straight and now I know why I only tried it from a coworker once, my hands were leaving little fingerprints on the papers! I'm going to look at archipelago, thanks for the info.
Hollywood has to be a difficult work arena for down to earth folks. Hope you find that work close to home, soon. Hugs to Mabel.