Under All the Snow

There is still green grass under all of the snow.  How do I know?  Because yesterday we had a brief glimpse of the ground, and although the grass is mostly brown, I know that it will become green again in the spring.  Winter came early and often for us here.

We haven't had a mild day for at least two months.  The nights are very cold and the daytime temps haven't gotten above 22F for weeks on end. 

I made this Etsy Treasury with the theme of, "Green."  Not for ecology, conservation, etc.  but green for Spring and fresh flowers and feeling warmer than it is here at the moment.


Amber D. Mcnabb said...

I was dreaming about spring yesterday too looking all around my yard with ideas for new gardens and wondering how pretty my bulb flowers will be this year.

New End Studio said...

Hurry, Hurry Spring! Spring flowers are wonderful.